Youth Employment

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End Poverty by 2030, But Who Are We Leaving Behind?

In recent weeks, we have heard statements from leaders on the international stage that we are on the path to eradicating absolute poverty in the next two decades. I'd prefer we wait to 2030 to really celebrate how much we did to close the gap and assure that these numbers reflect all countries and the people in them -- and that no one gets left behind.

By the Time You Click, Big Oil Has Received $2,000

Each year Canada gives $1.4 billion to some of the richest corporations on the planet. Meanwhile, we are facing rumours of a coming federal austerity budget that could push unemployment even higher in Canada. On top of this, debt is increasing across Canada and both of these factors are hitting youth especially hard.

Should the Government Help You Find a Summer Job?

The federal government announced that it will not open student summer job centres across the country this year. We decided the the government has no place in career advising -- whether online or offline -- in the first place. But there are things it can do to help support youth employment.
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Role Playing With Stephen Harper

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is set to appear on Murdoch Mysteries today, so I am offering myself to be Mr. Harper's agent. I'm the Ari Gold of Parliament Hill and as the fall television season is approaching, my assistant Lloyd and I have landed some very major roles for him.