David Martin

Kevin O'Leary Is Donald Trump's Mirror Image

David Martin | January 20, 2017 | Canada Politics
As happened with Trump before and just after announcing his candidacy to be the Republican nominee, O'Leary's early musings about a possible run met with much laughter and derision. After all, how could someone who makes outrageous statements and has never held political office aspire to be the prime minister of Canada? Well, thanks to 63 million Trump voters, fewer Canadians are laughing at the possibility of Kevin O'Leary leading the Conservative Party and even one day becoming prime minister.

Barack Obama Exhibited Grace In The Face Of Racism

ByBlacks.com | January 20, 2017 | Canada Politics
If you think your job is hard, try walking in Obama's shoes for a few days. It is a lesson for all of us; no matter what happens it is always better to walk the high road. Remember that acts of racism are not about you, it is a reflection of how that person is feeling inside about themselves.
Adrienne Martin

Searching For Answers On Inauguration Day

Adrienne Martin | January 20, 2017 | Canada Politics
In looking back on the political disaster of a U.S. election, I still find myself asking, "How did we get here?" It's a topic that has been written about at length since the night of November 8 when together, hatred, fear, racism and bigotry, won the American presidency. And still, despite the countless political analyses, panel discussions and expert interviews, I continuously find myself searching for suitable answers. Unsuccessfully.
Dermod Travis

Trudeau Cash-For-Access Scandal A Bargain Compared To Christy Clark

Dermod Travis | January 19, 2017 | Canada Politics
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has embarked on a cross-Canada tour, ostensibly to reconnect with Canadians -- or at least those that can't afford $1,525 to bend his ear in private. At three times his going rate, the prime minister would still be a bargain compared to Christy Clark.
Bijan Ahmadi

The Iran Nuclear Agreement: One Year After Implementation

Bijan Ahmadi | January 19, 2017 | Canada Politics
The re-integration of Iran into the international community is a momentous opportunity for further consultation and engagement to resolve disagreements over its regional policies and to address concerns over Iran's human rights record.
Keith Beardsley

Conservative Leadership Contenders Need To Step Up Their Game

Keith Beardsley | January 19, 2017 | Canada Politics
The Conservative leadership race is finally attracting attention. Kevin O'Leary's entrance into the campaign has finally achieved what has been missing to date, i.e., interest. With fourteen in the race, is it time for a few to take "a walk in the snow?" Is it time for a number of the contenders to set aside egos and throw their support behind a serious candidate?
Sean Mallen

News Media Must Up Their Game Or Trump Will Run The Show

Sean Mallen | January 19, 2017 | Canada Politics
Journalists covering the White House must always be at the top of their game: tenacious, fearless and dedicated to a fair accounting of the truth. But the Trump presidency will challenge them like no other in our lifetime.
Glen Pearson

Martin Luther King Jr.'s Greatness And Its Humble Beginnings

Glen Pearson | January 19, 2017 | Canada Politics
This is the week when Americans and non-Americans alike stopped to remember the remarkable accomplishments of Martin Luther King Jr. on the anniversary of his birth. A federal holiday in the United States, it prompts millions to think of the civil rights reformer's remarkable accomplishments.
Mike Palecek

Postal Banks Would Pay Off For Canadians Fed Up With Being Gouged

Mike Palecek | January 19, 2017 | Canada Business
In Canada many are forced to turn to payday lenders that charge exorbitant fees, and the major banks themselves gouge us every day, forcing us to pay some of the highest fees in the world. It's up to us to insist that we want a public postal bank to be part of the way forward.
Mark Towhey

Some Entirely Unsolicited Political Advice For Kevin O'Leary

Mark Towhey | January 18, 2017 | Canada Politics
He's the latest (last?) candidate to join the race to replace Stephen Harper as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. He has no political experience and doesn't speak French. Still, I think he has a better chance of winning than most of the candidates in the ring so far.
Joshua Ostroff

Trudeau Can Still Protect Canada From Trump's Populist Storm

Joshua Ostroff | January 19, 2017 | Canada Politics
As human tornado Donald Trump begins his apocalyptic presidency and Conservative leadership candidates Kellie Leitch and Kevin O'Leary try to emulate him here at home, it's time for Trudeau to get back to his old ways before the southern storm front crosses our border.
Jerry Dias

We Must Keep Pushing Back As Trump Becomes President

Jerry Dias | January 18, 2017 | Canada Politics
At noon this Friday, what was once thought impossible is scheduled to happen -- Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. We are entering a period of unprecedented instability brought on by a Commander in Chief in the United States who seems to make policy through middle-of-the-night tweets and headline-grabbing interviews with select media.
Riaz Charania

The PM Visiting The Aga Khan Is Much Trudeau About Nothing

Riaz Charania | January 18, 2017 | Canada Politics
Recently, Justin Trudeau and his family took-up an offer from the Aga Khan to join him on his private island in the Bahamas. They were able to escape the cold, but clearly not the controversy. This whole thing has rubbed many people in Parliament, and across the country the wrong way. People have grabbed their metaphorical pitchforks and the ethics commission is now investigating. Sure, without context it seems as though this is just another lobbyist using wealth and influence to sway things in his favour, but if you actually want truth, context is everything.
Adam Olsen

Kinder Morgan Turned Its Pipeline Proposal Into PR

Adam Olsen | January 18, 2017 | Canada British Columbia
Last week the B.C. Liberal government approved the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project. They have stated that Kinder Morgan has met their five conditions and have added 37 new conditions with their approval. From the National Energy Board hearings, to the recent to governmental approval, the process was problematic right from the start. It was nothing more than a public relations exercise.
Kishone Tony Roy

10 Things To Watch For On Affordable Housing In B.C. In 2017

Kishone Tony Roy | January 17, 2017 | Canada British Columbia
The number one issue in every corner of B.C. this year is affordable housing. In May British Columbians will head to the polls with a rising class of young people wondering if they'll ever own a home, Gen Xers considering leaving B.C., and seniors telling their seniors advocate that housing is the number one issue for them.
Marcia Sirota

Michelle Obama Leaves Behind A Legacy Of Kindness

Marcia Sirota | January 17, 2017 | Canada Parents
She inspired Americans to be more caring and respectful toward one-another, as she never treated anyone with less than the utmost respect. For that reason, she won the love, respect and admiration of her fellow Americans. Many First Ladies are respected and admired, it's true, but few were as deeply loved as Mrs. Obama has been.
Bruce Moncur

Trudeau's Broken Promises Lead To Tragedies Like Lionel Desmond's

Bruce Moncur | January 16, 2017 | Canada Politics
My message to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is that Lionel Desmond's death and his killing of his family could have been avoided. It's time to stop lying to veterans. It's time to stop fighting veterans.
Marie-Claude Landry

We Must Put An End To The Use Of Solitary Confinement In Federal Prisons

Marie-Claude Landry | January 16, 2017 | Canada Politics
It seems obvious that solitary confinement for someone with mental health issues is dangerous and destructive. The Canadian Human Rights Commission has long held that placing vulnerable individuals in solitary confinement denies them their human rights, and for those with mental health issues, it can lead to irreparable harm.
Fransi Weinstein

The Obamas Showed Us How To Go High When The World Goes Low

Fransi Weinstein | January 16, 2017 | Canada Politics
The last eight years have hardly been America's finest. Through it all, however, this family has stood tall -- resolute, proud, dignified. Never letting on how hurt, how insulted, how devastated, how disappointed and yes, how justifiably angry they must have been, may still be, may always be.
Ujjal Dosanjh

Dear Kellie Leitch, How Many Degrees Make A Decent Human Being?

Ujjal Dosanjh | January 16, 2017 | Canada Politics
I know on many occasions in life I have been a complete idiot, but I had always thought being an idiot had nothing to do with the letters before or after one's name. Do let me know the letter count below which one is an idiot, and above which one is not.
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