Karen Selick

This New Brunswick Law Makes Quasi-Criminals Out of the Unwitting

Karen Selick | August 27, 2015 | Canada Politics
On trial -- at least, nominally -- is retiree Gerard Comeau who, back in 2012, committed the heinous offence of bringing home 14 cases of beer and some other alcohol from Quebec into New Brunswick. (Alcohol is much cheaper in Quebec.)
Oxfam Canada

Yes, Women's Equality Is Still a Political Issue

Oxfam Canada | August 27, 2015 | Canada Politics
When we ask our political leaders to talk about issues affecting women what we're asking for is a conversation about the unseen and largely unacknowledged inequalities that affect girls and women throughout their lives. I have a daughter. Like every Canadian woman, she's growing up in a country where to be female is to be overrepresented in poorly paid part-time work; under-represented at every level of authority and power; and so devalued as a worker that virtually any sector that attracts a female workforce pays less than sectors dominated by males.
Janice Forsyth

Toronto's 2024 Olympic Bid Process Suffers from a 'Democracy Deficit'

Janice Forsyth | August 27, 2015 | Canada Politics
Discussions about the 2024 bid were supposed to take place soon after the conclusion of the Pan Am and Parapan Am Games on August 15th. The Games have passed, the September 15th deadline is looming, and the trio of organizers -- Bob Richardson, Marcel Aubut, and Mayor John Tory -- have gone commando silent. They haven't offered a peep about procedures or timelines. We don't know with whom or how these discussions will take place. Why the secrecy? Where is the transparency and accountability in the Toronto 2024 bid process?
Peter Landry

Harper Could Learn a Thing or Two From Interning

Peter Landry | August 27, 2015 | Canada Politics
The worse thing that interns -- and any other employees -- can do is to try and cover up the situation. For high achieving kids, admitting a significant mistake can be hard. We like their desire to be liked and their positive self esteem. But sometimes humility and confession go a long way. Which brings me to Stephen Harper and the Mike Duffy affair. Somehow in the political world, leaders and their staffs have come to believe that voters expect perfection. Any admission to the contrary is not tolerated. The result is the cover up.
Sarah Miller

10 Reasons to Vote for Anyone but Harper

Sarah Miller | August 25, 2015 | Canada Politics
This is a rather short list of the shortfalls of Harper and the disgrace he brings to our country and I urge everyone to fully research candidates and get out and VOTE. I think the newest campaign launched by our veterans says it best when they say ABC: Anyone but Conservative
Jason Clemens

Sorry Mr. Trump, Canadian Health Care is not Working

Jason Clemens | August 25, 2015 | Canada Politics
Health care reform is a central policy consideration for most industrialized countries both because of its cost to government and citizens and perhaps more importantly because it is a highly valued, personal service that citizens care deeply about.
Yves Engler

Harper Government Has Supported the Mining Exploitation of Africa's Resources

Yves Engler | August 24, 2015 | Canada Politics
Canadian policy in Africa can be summed up in nine words: Do what is good for Canadian-owned mining companies. Despite rhetoric about aid to the poorest people in the world, the Harper Conservatives have worked assiduously to ensure that Canadian corporations profit from Africa's vast mineral resources.
Terezia Farkas

Harper's Control of Communication Is Breaking Down

Terezia Farkas | August 24, 2015 | Canada Politics
To Canadians, Stephen Harper has been vague about what he did know about the plan to repay Senator Mike Duffy's Senate expenses and clear only about what he didn't know. Even with what Stephen Harper did know, the story keeps changing. The entire mess has become Canada's Watergate.
Charlie Angus

Book Excerpt: Children of the Broken Treaty

Charlie Angus | August 24, 2015 | Canada Politics
The state of emergency was declared on Oct. 28, 2011, by Attawapiskat's new chief, Theresa Spence. I had known her through her work on council. She didn't strike me as a firebrand or overly political. She was worried that, as the arctic winter descended on the community, people in these makeshift quarters could die. Days turned into weeks, and the temperature kept dropping. Officials from the regional office of Aboriginal Affairs spoke with the community about advancing some money to repair some of the condemned houses, but there was no offer to help get the families out of the tents and shacks.
Janice Forsyth

Cities Should Beware These Changes to the Olympic Bidding Process

Janice Forsyth | August 24, 2015 | Canada Politics
To say that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) "shook things up" with Agenda 2020 is a gross understatement. Agenda 2020 voided and obscured critical sections of the Olympic Charter and the Olympic Games Framework, the IOC's two main documents for how to bid for and host an Olympic Games. It didn't just shake things up. It changed the entire game plan.
Ralph Goodale

Harper's Economic Record Is Sub-Mediocre

Ralph Goodale | August 21, 2015 | Canada Politics
Canadians are stuck with $158-billion in new Harper debt -- without much to show for it. There are 160,000 more jobless Canadians today than before Stephen Harper took power. Job quality is at a 25-year low. Household debt is near a record high. Canada's trade deficit this year has topped $13-billion. The Liberal legacy was a decade of balanced budgets, average annual economic growth over three per cent, consistent trade surpluses every month of every year, 3.4-million net new jobs, lower debt, lower taxes, record high Transfer Payments to the provinces. That's what Mr. Harper inherited in 2006. But Mr. Harper blew it.
Mehrdad Loghmani

Iran Nuclear Deal Opens a New Era for Peace and Dialogue With the U.S.

Mehrdad Loghmani | August 22, 2015 | Canada Politics
For Iran, the rationale for the long march toward partnership can not be found in strategic alignment or expediency of politics alone, it runs much deeper; for many Iranians, America represents the new world, where individuals thrive on the merit of their skills and character, rather than old world feudal hierarchy.
Craig and Marc Kielburger

We Should Use Compassion to Get Tough on Crime

Craig and Marc Kielburger | August 21, 2015 | Canada Politics
In a moment of boredom, two teens in Lanark County, Ont., smash their way into a hardware store and help themselves to the goods. Police nabbed the pair soon after. But instead of going before judge and jury, the teens faced their victims in a citizen-run "restorative justice" forum. It's an approach that's gaining popularity across Canada, showing there's more than one way to be tough on crime.
International Centre for Science in Drug Policy

Misinformed Cannabis Policies Prevent Access to Life-Saving Treatments

International Centre for Science in Drug Policy | August 21, 2015 | Canada Politics
My work as a scientist involves researching the potential impact of cannabis among people living with HIV/AIDS. Patients have told us for decades that marijuana helps them deal with the side effects of their medications. But now, in a preliminary study, we have found evidence to suggest that people who use cannabis are more likely to have slower HIV disease progression -- meaning that they can live longer and healthier lives.
Yves Engler

How Harper Won the Jewish Vote

Yves Engler | August 22, 2015 | Canada Politics
If Conservative candidate Robert Libman wins in Mount Royal on October 19 it would mark a decisive end to the notion that the Canadian Jewish community is a liberal force in politics. It would also suggest that the political priority of a large number of Canadian Jews is to support a highly militarized state.
Brent Rathgeber

Duffy's Repayment May not Have Been a Scandal Without PMO's Bungling

Brent Rathgeber | August 20, 2015 | Canada Politics
Only in Canada would paying money back to the government qualify as a scandal. But a scandal it is. It takes a special combination of incompetence and lack of ethics to convert a comparably innocuous act into a potentially fatal political scandal.
Mark Warner

Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Talks Shouldn't Stop for Elections

Mark Warner | August 20, 2015 | Canada Business
Trade negotiations are growing in importance as developed and developing countries alike increasingly realize that protectionism is not a path to prosperity. Federalism poses challenges for our trade negotiations that are exacerbated by elections at both levels of government in Canada, and among our trading partners. The electoral clock is also ticking on Japanese Diet elections next summer and on U.S. presidential and congressional elections next fall. If the machinery of trade talks ground to a halt every time an election approached, there would be no trade agreements at all -- which is, perhaps, what some people desire.
Daniel Dickin

Should the NDP Be Allowed to Run This Election?

Daniel Dickin | August 20, 2015 | Canada Politics
NDP leader Thomas Mulcair is already taking measurements for new drapes in the Prime Minister's Office, but he might have a more pressing matter to deal with: whether he should even be allowed to contest this fall's election.
Marvin Ross

What Will Your Candidate Do to Support Mental Health?

Marvin Ross | August 19, 2015 | Canada Politics
One issue that needs to be discussed in this long election period is Canada's abysmal record dealing with mental illness. Despite Prime Minister Harper having established a Mental Health Commission in 2007 in order to act as "a catalyst for improving the mental health system," our record is abysmal.
Bob Kull

Consider Strategic Voting This Election

Bob Kull | August 18, 2015 | Canada Politics
Instead of insisting on voting only for an ideal candidate with whose orientation and policies we fundamentally agree, and feeling guilty if we vote for the "lesser of evils," perhaps in voting for the lesser of evils we're fulfilling our evolutionary responsibility.
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