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This Week Has 7 Tweets: A Note, A Budget And Some Birthdays

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Canadians love twitter. A LOT. This week in seven tweets is a weekly column that looks at the funniest, sharpest tweets written by Canadians and is a look back at the week's events through a 140-character lens.

1. Front Page Headaches

The Globe And Mail front pages are supposed to get your attention. Sadly, Monday's got attention for all the wrong reasons. The paper's own public editor, Sylvia Stead, tweeted that she thought the photo which showed figure skater Kaetlyn Osmond in a high kick was inappropriate.

A discussion about the front page flared up on Twitter. But it was the National Post's Steve Murray who had more than a few media types laughing.

2. Lindsey Vonn And Tiger Woods Summed Up

Oh look! Golfer and philanderer Tiger Woods and ski champion Lindsey Vonn finally revealed they're dating. Sportswriter Chris Jones sums up their relationship perfectly.

3. A Note From Justin

What happens when Justin Trudeau hands you a note that quotes one of his dear dad's most famous quotes? You become a media story for a day.

Not to be outdone, Prime Minister Harper's chief of staff also got into the note act.

4. Hey Ken, Watch It

This next one isn't written by a Canadian... but close enough. Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings was visiting our fair country and tweeted this little dig. Watch it Ken... or you might get an overly inquisitive border guard on the way out.

5. Happy Birthday Bobby Orr

Hockey great Bobby Orr turned 65 this week and hockey writer Adam Proteau paid tribute with this tongue-in-cheek tweet.

6. Happy Birthday William Shatner

Never change Bill, never change.

More of the week's best tweets below

This Week Has 7 Tweets Mar 22
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