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Sandy Garossino is a business owner, employer and a former Crown prosecutor, and community advocate. With many others she co-founded Vancouver Not Vegas, the grassroots movement that defeated the mega-casino planned for downtown Vancouver. She has a wide range of non-profit governance experience.

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Christy Clark's Proposed Policy Overhaul Is Breathtakingly Stupid

(111) Comments | Posted October 13, 2014 | 1:17 AM

B.C.'s Christy Clark government is proposing to overhaul the Societies Act, and they've distributed a snoozer of a White Paper to let you know all about it.

If you've dozed off already, WAKE UP, because there's a massive zinger quietly planted deep inside. You can do something about...

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A Rough Guide To E80 And The B.C. Teachers' Strike

(22) Comments | Posted September 12, 2014 | 4:19 PM

Everybody watching the B.C. public teachers' strike has heard of E80, and nobody understands it. Even the negotiating teams can't agree on what it means -- a pretty good sign that it should be deep-sixed pronto.

But if you're still scratching your head about E80, it all comes...

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Vancouver Aquarium's SeaWorld Connection

(0) Comments | Posted August 6, 2014 | 4:41 PM

Vancouverites have a love affair with the Vancouver Aquarium beyond anything we feel for other local institutions, so it's not so surprising that the city's park board decision to halt breeding of cetaceans inflamed emotions on both sides.

Add some overheated rhetoric, a prematurely uncorked civic election campaign...

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Guess What Group Doesn't Hate Trudeau's Abortion Stance: Women

(98) Comments | Posted June 2, 2014 | 12:33 PM

Something's up, because the menfolk are getting the vapours over women's reproductive freedom again.

An overwhelmingly male echo-chamber of pundits, scholars, theologians, Catholic clergy and politicians is in an uproar, because Justin Trudeau directed the Liberal Party to adopt the status quo ante on women's health that has been...

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Did Police Miss Chance To Protect Amanda Todd From Blackmailer?

(12) Comments | Posted April 28, 2014 | 11:33 AM

"If Amanda does not stay off the Internet and/or take steps to protect herself online, there is only so much we as the police can do."

-- Coquitlam RCMP email to Carol Todd in 2011

Amanda Todd took her life in 2012 at the age of 15 after...

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B.C. Teachers Ruling Is Written By Straight Shooter

(1) Comments | Posted February 1, 2014 | 11:38 PM

Earlier this month, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Susan Griffin handed down her ruling in the ongoing dispute between the B.C. Teachers' Federation and the B.C. government. I already read it so you don't have to, but the full decision can be found here:

Madame Justice...

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Why Didn't the Police Do More to Investigate Rob Ford?

(4) Comments | Posted November 4, 2013 | 4:30 PM

New details in the Ford investigation indicate that wiretap orders were approved for as yet unknown parties. This post is based on the information available at the time of its writing and will be updated if material new information emerges.

It's pretty shocking that after months of an expensive police...

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Does 'slanegirl' Show Social Media Growing Up?

(2) Comments | Posted August 26, 2013 | 1:42 AM

Know what's really great about Facebook and Instagram?

No slanegirl.

In case you have no idea what this is all about, on Aug. 18, some undoubtedly intoxicated teens engaged in public oral sex at an Eminem concert. Photos were taken, shared and posted within minutes. At least two guys...

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Pipelines Create Jobs. Or Do They?

(3) Comments | Posted August 6, 2013 | 10:00 AM

There's a big dust-up between Barack Obama and Keystone XL proponents over how many jobs the pipeline is projected to produce.

This debate can be summarized by asking the question: "How many jobs do you want it to produce?" Whatever your answer, it's not hard to find someone to support...

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How Facebook Learned Rape is Bad for Business

(284) Comments | Posted May 30, 2013 | 12:46 PM

For years Facebook has maintained an imperious and stony silence against pleas from users and victims about its most objectionable content. Not a word when Amanda Todd took her life after being relentlessly stalked and blackmailed by a sexual predator on Facebook. Even the suicides of teens Rehtaeh Parsons and...

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The LNG Jobs Myth

(1) Comments | Posted May 13, 2013 | 12:58 PM

That B.C. is a resource economy has become a mantra for politicians and the media, and LNG is just part of the club.

Anyone who questions development in the resource sector, of mining and fracking and pipelines, is written off as a BANANA--Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything. They are...

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PavCo's Great Casino Caper

(0) Comments | Posted May 6, 2013 | 12:24 PM

Within a few short days the chair of BC Pavilion Corporation (PavCo), both announced, then dis-announced a signed deal with Paragon Gaming, the owners of Edgewater Casino. This daring manoeuvre, the Fassbender Flip-Flop, should only be attempted by trained professionals.

When a Money-losing Crown Corp Meets...

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Idle No More: First Nations Governance Coded To Fail

(15) Comments | Posted January 10, 2013 | 12:15 PM

Monday's release of a devastating audit of Attawapiskat's finances delivered what looked like a knockout blow to the Idle No More movement. Then Tuesday brought word of a community in full lock-down mode as a Global TV crew was escorted out of the reserve.

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When Social Media Is Used for Bad

(2) Comments | Posted December 3, 2012 | 11:47 AM

In October 2012, British Columbia teen Amanda Todd ended her life after suffering intolerable bullying triggered by a sexual predator who found and blackmailed her through Facebook. Millions were outraged. We were too. We are social media enthusiasts who care deeply about protecting vulnerable young users in the...

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The World According To Krause

(4) Comments | Posted December 3, 2012 | 10:07 AM

Another instalment appeared in the
Vivian Krause conspiracy saga
about shadowy Americans bent on shutting down Canadian oil sands development via the Financial Post on Nov. 29.

It's a lengthy tract -- much of it recycled -- and in the end it's not easy to pin...

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Dear Sheryl Sandberg: Please Keep Predators Off Facebook

(14) Comments | Posted November 16, 2012 | 2:37 PM

Dear Ms. Sandberg,

We are a community of concerned citizens in British Columbia, including Amanda Todd's mother. As
you may know, Amanda was contacted and blackmailed through Facebook by an adult predator who impersonated local teens to enter her circles of friends.

We write imploring you to lead change...

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Enbridge's Futile Attacks On Science Foundations

(0) Comments | Posted October 15, 2012 | 10:33 AM

Proponents of the Northern Gateway pipeline proposal seem hell-bent for leather on conducting what may be the most inept natural resource project application in B.C. history. Their place in the Canadian business school textbooks is assured, under the heading "Enbridge to Nowhere."

An initial unconvincing ad blitz showing happy families...

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Marijuana Decriminalization: The Time Has Come

(83) Comments | Posted September 28, 2012 | 1:29 PM

"...if you look at the drug war from a purely economic point of view, the role of the government is to protect the drug cartel. That's literally true."

Milton Friedman, Economist

"'s more than time to start working toward legalizing marijuana."

Bill Good CKNW Sept 26,...

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Vancouver Real Estate: Pillar of Sand and Fog

(12) Comments | Posted September 12, 2012 | 7:00 PM

Does it strike anyone as odd that Vancouver is the kind of town where we turn to someone called the Condo King for reliable advice on real estate? Apparently not.

It goes without saying that Bob Rennie knows Vancouver residential real estate better than anyone, and he is always a...

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'Selfless' PavCo Chair Leaves Record of BC Place Razzle Dazzle

(2) Comments | Posted August 24, 2012 | 8:45 AM

Hey Huffington Post B.C., I'm thrilled to be IN YOU!

It's very exciting to join HuffPost's legendary list of contributing bloggers, which includes everyone from Conrad Black and David Suzuki to David Frum and Elizabeth May. In an era when media has become more and more concentrated, HuffPost has been...

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