Shane Coblin
Shane Coblin is the co-founder of, the website that lets the masses decide who the ass is for any situation. He is also the co-founder of, a site that helps match lawyers with clients based on needs, expertise and budget.

He has been a practicing lawyer for 10 years, with a BA from the University of Western Ontario and an LL.B. from Queen’s University. He is currently a partner at a law firm in Vancouver.

Like most lawyers, Shane needs a secondary outlet in order to maintain his sanity -- typically that results in dreaming up new website ideas, writing and sometimes even acting. There is never a shortage of ideas with him, some maybe better than others (but who’s judging?). A family man, Shane loves spending time with his wife and young son.

Blog Entries by Shane Coblin

Honey, I Ruined the Cake. But Can You Please Stop Yelling?

Posted January 17, 2012 | 16:54:23 (EST)

The complaint is really nothing new. Wife bakes a carrot cake. The oven timer goes off. She asks her husband to take the cake out of the oven, along with the directive to check it with a toothpick. Later, when the wife goes to cut into it, she discovers the...

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