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Fran Hudson's Comments

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Idle No More Protesters Accuse Calgary Sun Newspaper Of Racism

Idle No More Protesters Accuse Calgary Sun Newspaper Of Racism

Commented Jan 14, 2013 at 19:41:31 in Canada Alberta

“Respect IS or should be a given, not earned. I respect everyone I meet, whether I know them or not, until they show themselves to be unworthy of that consideration. You should too.”

agsterino on Jan 14, 2013 at 20:34:50

“Well Fran, I respect your opinion but whole heatedly disagree with your "should" comment.  I am courteous and polite to every one I meet.  That might be some sort of what you are intending, but Fran, please look up the other definitions of respect. To respect ideas, opinions, achievments etc. that is just silly to think they would automatically be respected  (  admired, held in esteem etc.) before finding out what they were.  
To me, that is the definition the FN want to acheive not politeness or pertaining to.   So in that regard ... Respect is earned ... Not given.”
'SNL' Spoofs Obama's Debate Performance (VIDEO)

'SNL' Spoofs Obama's Debate Performance (VIDEO)

Commented Oct 7, 2012 at 11:11:17 in Comedy

“There is “something about Mitt” that makes some of us (including me) see RED, and it's an ingrained presumption of his own superiority: a constitutional pomposity that often takes root in those raised to think they are better than almost everyone else. That same sense of superiority (and, yes, Entitlement) may also explain why Romney felt justified in embroidering his “story” with as many falsehoods as it took to sell it. And why he wouldn’t have been able to stop the sap of arrogance from seeping out around his carefully donned mask of caring humility even if he’d been aware of it. I suspect President Obama was so focused on “keeping his cool” on Wednesday night—in the presence of today’s incarnation of a slave-driving plantation owner (who perfectly embodies the forces that have oppressed Black people throughout history), that he all but ham-strung himself, giving his opponent free reign to mime the role he felt the situation called for. If I had the President's ear, for just a few seconds, I'd tell him this: You have what it takes to put the lying "corporation/human in a suit" in his place, and America needs you to do it! Most Americans are still capable of recognizing Real Value when they see it. And what some of us believe with all our hearts is that Mitt--with all his millions--isn't worth a millionth of you! So next time, Tiger…..go get him!”

merrylander on Oct 7, 2012 at 11:36:47

“excellent, Fran - fanned & faved”
Don't Tax the Rich

Don't Tax the Rich

Commented Jan 24, 2013 at 08:08:18 in Canada Politics

“Give me a break. I may not be rich, but I'm not stupid either.”
huffingtonpost entry

Why Bad Science Is Like Bad Religion

Commented Dec 5, 2012 at 18:42:35 in Religion

“Quote from the book: "The argument of this book is that we, and all other animals, are machines created by our genes. Like successful Chicago gangsters, our genes have survived, in some cases for millions of years, in a highly competitive world. This entitles us to expect certain qualities in our genes. I shall argue that a predominant quality to be expected in a successful gene is ruthless selfishness. This gene selfishness will usually give rise to selfishness in individual behavior. However, as we shall see, there are special circumstances in which a gene can achieve its own selfish goals best by fostering a limited form of altruism at the level of individual animals. 'Special' and 'limited' are important words in the last sentence. Much as we might wish to believe otherwise, universal love and the welfare of the species as a whole are concepts that simply do not make evolutionary sense."”
Corporations In Calgary Classrooms: Calgary Board Of Education Entertains Corporate Sponsorships

Corporations In Calgary Classrooms: Calgary Board Of Education Entertains Corporate Sponsorships

Commented Oct 30, 2012 at 20:31:37 in Canada Alberta

“Well, that all depends. Do we want our children educated, or brainwashed....?”
Michael Moore Joins Wisconsin Pro-Union Protesters

Michael Moore Joins Wisconsin Pro-Union Protesters

Commented Mar 7, 2011 at 10:17:56 in Politics

“Humpty Dumpty climbed back up The Wall, and the bets were still on when he started to fall;
But this time the hard-working women and men REFUSED to put Humpty together again.
Instead every horse took a brick from The Wall to a town with a bank that was NOT very tall;
As for Humpty--his yolk was soon fried by the sun; he was served to the poor and they all said "Well Done!"”