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Gladys Radek's Comments

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The Significance Of B.C.'s Missing Women Inquiry Report

The Significance Of B.C.'s Missing Women Inquiry Report

Commented Dec 15, 2012 at 18:54:40 in Canada British Columbia

“48 hours episode did not highlight the Highway of Tears victims at all. The two people they were focused on had one thing in common with the Highway of Tears and that was location. Both cases in essence had nothing to do with the Highway of Tears per se. Madison Scott is a totally separate case from the Highway of Tears, even her family knows that. Loren Leslie was the victim of a serial killer. Had they not found her killer 3 aboriginal cases would have remained cold. There are 9 original victims and those 9 cases remain 4 still missing and 5 unsolved murders. That is what 48 hours should have focused on pertaining to the Highway of Tears. My niece, Tamara Lynn Chipman is still missing from Prince Rupert, BC since September 21, 2005, over 7 years now.”

Robyn Bourgeois on Dec 18, 2012 at 10:19:02

“I totally agree Gladys - the 48 Hours special was so problematic. It virtually deraced the cases entirely, and privileged the cases involving young white women. Without this analysis of racism and colonialism, they provide a very narrow and problematic representation of the Highway of Tears cases.”