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The Greatest Band That Will Never Get a Grammy

The Greatest Band That Will Never Get a Grammy

Commented Nov 10, 2012 at 13:33:36 in Canada Music

“Great article Danko, I think you nailed the concept beneath Turbonegro Alice Cooper meets the Ramones is a great way to describe them specially because they use the shock treatment that Alice and The Ramones used to some extent.
What's great about them is the sense of humor and the way to put some things that are unique to them, if you observe the booklet on Retox there's a list of names that were going to be used instead of Retox and you get exactly the Turbonegro way.
And about the music I think that they pollished their art as times went on and that they can do some amazing stuff, simple yet aggresive and memorable just like AC/DC or some great bands that can do great music with simple stuff, I personally think that music is not about what you put, sometimes is about what you don't.

So having said that I wanted to tell you that I'm from Argentina and I love your music and some friends also do, also I identify myself with your taste of music and your eagerness to always find new bands and songs that move you. I hope to attend to one of your shows cause your band is awesome and I wanted to tell you that the rhytmic energy that you put into the songs is what makes your music great.”