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Idle No More: Joe Clark Meets With Chief Theresa Spence, Says Canada And First Nations Headed In 'Dangerous Direction'

Idle No More: Joe Clark Meets With Chief Theresa Spence, Says Canada And First Nations Headed In 'Dangerous Direction'

Commented Dec 30, 2012 at 19:38:56 in Canada Politics

“Nothing has changed. Ms. Spence is appealing to the Nations guilt to get more from the Fed. Gov't and Harper has already given plenty to her reserve and has asked for an accounting of what the $$Millions was spent on. She's diverting the issue by becoming a martyr. It won't work. It's time this whole issue comes to a head. Living in uninhabitable locations when what these Indians want is already available in towns and cities across the country is no longer acceptable. They must integrate, as 70% of them already have, and live on welfare in subsidized facilities until they can obtain work. The Reserves have proven not to work; all dictatorships where the chiefs exploit their own people in order to get more handouts.”

patrick cashman on Dec 31, 2012 at 07:26:57

“I can guess who you vote for, you intolerant.”

SayQuois on Dec 31, 2012 at 01:07:58

“4. Where do you even get your 70% figure from? That's just demonstrably false. The fact that approximately 70% of the population lives "off-reserve" does not have any bearing on "integration" as I take you to understand the term. 70% also happens to roughly approximate the proportion of aboriginals occupying prison cells.
5. Throwing money at problems is the default "solution" of governments when it comes to dealing with First Nations and the complex legal, political and economic issues that demand meaningful and long term resolutions. It's easy and the government knows that figures like "15 million dollars" and "tens of millions of dollars" are effective dissembling instruments. Then conservatives and latent racists can point to these misleading numbers and claim "taxpayer rights" and rail against "special interests".

6. While the Indian Act and the reserve and band council system and property rights are definitely not working, you must understand that the protections offered by that system is, to many many aboriginal persons and communities, the best they have.

7. When Europeans arrived, the natives were here. They lived on the land, in societies, had laws and governance. By the western nations' own laws, the dispossession of Indians' lands and destruction of their way of life was unlawful. If we really believe in the rule of law and that all are subject to it, then there ought to be thoroughgoing self-reckoning on the part of all governments and people. Or there will be a reckoning by other means.”

SayQuois on Dec 31, 2012 at 01:07:15

“What you say, explicitly and implicitly, is a recitation of the same old myths with which colonizers -who will not allow themselves a broader and more honest assessment of how the First Nations have come to suffer and live as second class citizens, in 3rd world poverty, on their own territory- comfort themselves and whet their fears and resentment.

1. the regions in which they live are (a) not uninhabitable and (b) almost invariably those lands assigned to them by the ministry by fiat.

2. band governments are not "all dictatorships where the chiefs exploit their own people". The chiefs and council members are on the whole no more or less dictatorial than any other leadership of governing bodies. Unfortunately, most of them are also in a very disadvantageous position vis=a-vis provincial and federal governments, which take their orders from industry. Check the internal governance of your beloved Conservatives to see what a dictatorship looks like. Check their repeated sidestepping or blatant disregard for parliamentary democracy in how they govern and legislate for the country.

3. To the extent that "integration" is required for their betterment take a look at the conditions of off-reserve and/or urbanized aboriginal persons. Also, ask yourself and answer honestly whether, whatever the ultimate value of "integration", whatever that word means, systemic and societal racism really allows for a widespread successful assimilation policy.”