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What Does Rex Murphy Know About Aboriginal Peoples? Nothing

What Does Rex Murphy Know About Aboriginal Peoples? Nothing

Commented Oct 22, 2013 at 23:49:26 in Canada Politics

“First Nations are treated more poorly than anyone else in this country, even by people who have recently immigrated here and that's a fact. But that being said, both First Nations and the rest of Canadians have to realize that they are ALL ONE and that the governments and media exist to divide us. They exploit everyone. And while so many people sit here on their notebooks, complaining about how First Nations are reacting, they don't stop to think that many First Nations don't even own their own computer.
The real problem is that nobody seems to care about this issue of fracking. They're apathetic towards it, because it's not directly affecting them....yet. We want the best of everything and we rarely consider the consequences of producing all this needless crap. We need to collectively figure out a way to drive down the production of extracting fossil fuels by driving down the consumption of it.
We're so distracted by crumbling economies and watching The Voice, we don't see how we're getting taken advantage of by the banks. I had to buy a home before I realized what a scam mortgages are. But that's the dream they sell us. Our focus goes way beyond the bear necessities.
All I'm saying is it shouldn't be First Nations VS Canada. It should be ALL Canadians VS the government holding us hostage. I just hope Canadians remove their rose-colored glasses soon enough to see their livelihoods are at stake here too.”
No Doubt's Video: Just Another Hollywood Stereotype

No Doubt's Video: Just Another Hollywood Stereotype

Commented Nov 7, 2012 at 01:02:25 in Canada Music

“CORRECTION: "Kokum" is Cree, for grandmother. Not Ojibwe. I'm slippin.'”