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Idle No More Art: Posters Promote A Revolution

Idle No More Art: Posters Promote A Revolution

Commented Jan 20, 2013 at 02:59:50 in Canada British Columbia

“"nightinggale," it sounds like you are a very conscious person with a sensitivity to animal rights and welfare. perhaps you aren't aware of how stringently regulated a process it is to obtain sacred animal parts, like eagle feathers via the federal repository at the us fish and wildlife service--or the waiting list, and how respectful native people willingly comply with these regulations and laws--to preserve the species that we hold sacred.

hunting and fishing are also regulated, and tribes have hunting/fishing permits that coordinate with state and federal laws.

but the most hurtful part of your comment was your apparent ignorance of the william pickton serial killer case in vancouver, b.c. -- a non-native pig farmer who killed many indigenous victims, and "minced" their flesh and mixed it with pork and sold it, ground their bones for dog food.

native people deserve some respect.
some support and respect that only can be derived from thoughtful people,
who care as much for human rights
as animal rights and welfare.

thankfully the wonderful, wondrous art and music of Idle No More is about generating that respect, for everyone, everyone's right to a habitable planet. clean water. clean air. thriving wild, healthy species.

some of the most vital wetlands and migratory (song bird)bird habitat, is threatened by natural resource extractive industrialization. sub-arctic and arctic species. marine mammals and fish.
in canada.

Idle No More is about indigenous human rights and ultimately animal welfare protections.”

nightinggale on Jan 20, 2013 at 13:05:45

“Thank you for the wonderful compliment in your reply that I am a "conscious person with a sensitivity to animal rights and welfare"......I am so PROUD of that fact. I also thought your reply was somewhat insightful and intelligent but I don't understand where the 2-legged ghastly freak of nature, Robert Pickton, figures into my comment. That I take as an insult!”

lillianvoter on Jan 20, 2013 at 11:48:33

“Excellent post.”
Theresa Spence Unites Chiefs To Demand New Meeting With PM

Theresa Spence Unites Chiefs To Demand New Meeting With PM

Commented Jan 22, 2013 at 05:47:33 in Canada Politics

“de beers needs 2+ billion to develop the venetia mine in the limpopo province of south africa. C-45 will allow for no new environmental impact assessment and reclamation costs budgeting for the de beers attawapiskat victor mine expansion. harper had a duty to consult with attawapiskat before customs agreements modifications with israel/usa. he had to give FN free--uncoerced, prior, fully informed consent from attawapiskat/afn. he didn't do that--but the attawapiskat's are just front line--for massive open pit mines in all 16 kimberlite/diamondiferous pipes & watershed/river contamination. who is going to be on the line for those reclamation costs--canadian tax payers, eventually. attawapiskat's deserve equal/parity revenue sharing, full reclamation with proper consultation, and full consent. canadians should be paying attention, so they don't have to pay reclamation superfund site costs all across canada, and the arctic and marine by-ways. C-45 costs canadian taxpayers and mp's from every riding didn't have adequate time to read the 450 page bills. they can't protect canadian tax payers, or first nations rights. every canadian will pay. who cares what chief spence looks like, or what liquids she drinks. do the math. don't be idle...”

Elle Nicole on Jan 22, 2013 at 11:32:46

“Baloney. Bill C45 strengthens and clarifies the environmental assessment process in Canada. We have provincial governments that are quite capable of carrying out assessments and its their jurisdiction.”
Theresa Spence Unites Chiefs To Demand New Meeting With PM

Theresa Spence Unites Chiefs To Demand New Meeting With PM

Commented Jan 22, 2013 at 05:10:52 in Canada Politics

“de beers victor mine @ attawapiskat is mining 2 of 18 kimberlite pipes. 16 pipes are diamondiferous--we don't know that attawapiskat nations agreements were based on a 2005 assessment, and limited environmental impact assessment of 1-2 pipes, & de beers mined nearly 800,000 carats in 2011. attawapiskat's have to take their word for actual carats exported. israel & canada just signed a customs agreement w/o attawapiskat consultations, and the nyc intl gem tower is duty/customs free imports/exports. no inspections. five million carats from the de beers victor mine could come/go annually & attawapiskat's wouldn't know, de beers blood diamond stash can come/be refined and no longer qualify as "blood diamonds." customs freedom. israel's diamond industry generates 1 billion+ annual revenue for the IDF, and their illegal occupation beyond '67 borders security. more than attawapiskat's will get/earn for years. chief spence is drawing attention to economic/cultural/inequity-disparity & a mercury ravaged watershed/river.
it is the attawapiskat first nations land, diamonds/"property" and chief spence is insisting on equitable revenue sharing rights for desperately needed employment and social service revenues.
harper gave time/courtesy/revenue to de beers, american customs agreements, israeli customs & diamond industrialists, & c-45 means less product liability for the attawapiskat watershed. ALL W/O CONSULTING THE ATTAWAPISKAT'S. (the FN subsistence food chain will be diminished in habitat range, & lethally contaminated.)

spence is doing what a good leader does. by any means necessary.”

bryonkernaghan on Jan 23, 2013 at 01:04:03

“When it comes to revenue sharing Canadians have shared vast amounts on little miss double-chin and her people, if her people wish employment and there is mining going on in the area, then get them out of bed in the A. M. and fill out job applications, plus use FREE education funds to get trained for these jobs.”

TwoZeroOZ on Jan 22, 2013 at 10:45:38

“Attawapiskat sold the rights to the land to De Beers.
Attawapiskat negotiated a deal with De Beers themselves instead of hiring outside lawyers.

If the agreement wasn't fair - who's fault is that?

Spence is a posterchild for incompetent leadership.”