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'Real Housewives Of Vancouver': 3 New Wives Introduced

'Real Housewives Of Vancouver': 3 New Wives Introduced

Commented Jan 7, 2013 at 16:53:23 in Canada TV

“Do these "women" have any idea how they come across in this show? I have had the displeasure of listening to some remarks from people who have worked for the "lady" who lives in West Vancouver (actually Ocean Point outside Lion's Bay) and it was not flattering.

I blame this recent Parade of Poop on Shaw, who picked up this massive slice of Turn of a Bun

I'd sooner have one of the following rather than watch this drivel on television even by accident:

1: Root canal without freezing.

2. Colonoscopy using a firehose.

3. Having "60 Minutes" or "TMZ" show up on my doorstep. (If you see these guys at your door, chances are, you did something to bring them there."”