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Elizabeth May: Prime Minister's Office Full Of 'Ruthless, Cutthroat Psychopaths'

Elizabeth May: Prime Minister's Office Full Of 'Ruthless, Cutthroat Psychopaths'

Commented Apr 24, 2014 at 05:06:50 in Canada Politics

“And may is a libeler as twice proven when I sued her

harper should sue her and see if a technicality and a friend as a judge helps again this time

she was deemed as guilty of two libels and got off with a new defence changing 144 year old canadian libel laws”

bumbaclaude on Apr 24, 2014 at 08:14:56

“Sued for telling the truth! LOL!”
Tim Hortons Bans Sensible BC

Tim Hortons Bans Sensible BC

Commented Sep 5, 2013 at 20:17:39 in Canada British Columbia





Justin Trudeau May Be Harper's New Best Friend, Polls Suggest

Justin Trudeau May Be Harper's New Best Friend, Polls Suggest

Commented Nov 16, 2012 at 23:30:28 in Canada Politics

“What C.R.A.P. propaganda

liberals have in fact been rising since last january 15 when they voted to end the prohibition on/of cannabis
and legalize
The mainstream media is only now finally reporting that rise means its obviously a lot high than this figure
I know that is true among my circles of friends

The absolute only way trudeau could blow being ordained the next new leader/Prime Minister (even before 2015) as far too many skeletons are in harpers closet its bursting at the seams and may just quick start an election clock)

But the only way for him to blow it is if he turns into a hypocrite and ignores the 77% who approved the cannabis Resolution that sunday morning 10 AM Jan 15 and made OFFICIAL PARTY POLICY

He can only fail if he goes with that invented word decriminalization

It solves nothing and he gives away any shred of credibility he ever had with many

He himself smoked cannabis here in vancouver and it wasnt as a teenager

No the only way he is a friend of harper is if he caves and looks as ignorant as harper

In which case neither I nor anyone I can influence will vote for him and maybe then you would be correct

In the event that he does follow through and not use the Veto well the ndp will be a mere grease spot on the highway and of no concern at all wont they ?”

Raplhklein on Nov 17, 2012 at 10:44:38

“Cannabis is a dead issue, it died when smoking a cigarette in a public park came under attack in major Canadian cities. Health and safety concerns trump personal liberty today and will for the foreseeable future. Doing anything regarding cannabis legislation is the same as putting a nutcase tattoo on your forehead politically.”
Justin Trudeau Lawsuit: Christine Innes Claims Liberal Leader, Ontario Campaign Head Slandered Her

Justin Trudeau Lawsuit: Christine Innes Claims Liberal Leader, Ontario Campaign Head Slandered Her

Commented Apr 24, 2014 at 02:54:37 in Canada Politics

“the fact remains justin is breaking the promise to not interfere with nominations
and it should mean something to fair minded people

the party is doing much more than that as I the one person who has effected cannabis policy now in 4 mainstream national political partys was blocked from rewinning my local eda council seat and am treated as a pariah in the party now for taping justin at the ottawa convention as I had the policy approved yes with him admitting his own cannabis use and me wearing a pen camera

then for 9 months according to the party "blackmailing " him and the party with it

legally obtained video is not blackmail and I did ask if they wanted me to just release it as a youtube video to help them find their collective backbones

see for more”
Dana Larsen, BC Marijuana Petition Challenges Possession Law

Dana Larsen, BC Marijuana Petition Challenges Possession Law

Commented Sep 22, 2012 at 21:18:36 in Canada British Columbia

“In the mean time please get political!

This effort makes good optics but in reality will accomplish nothing.

If you want to really help..join the liberal party of canada and actually vote.
Dana Larsen, BC Marijuana Petition Challenges Possession Law

Dana Larsen, BC Marijuana Petition Challenges Possession Law

Commented Sep 22, 2012 at 21:18:16 in Canada British Columbia

“Decrim doesn't exist..imagine alcohol only decrimed.
Legal to posses but illegal to produce or sell......... this is a misnomer and a ruse.
With all due respect its wrong.

This is the wrong way to go and still criminalizes the production of cannabis in reality.

I have worked for 22 years to legalize or regulate cannabis and this is plainly wrong and only takes the wind out of our sails to complete the work I have done in many political partys for many years.

It sounds to me like it was written by someone with a vested interest in keeping cannabis illegal....mostly.

Some one with a Comecashin-at Club probably...or as it says a lawyer who defends cannabis so callled criminals....he will still find plenty of business if this passes as decrim of possession of course does not consider supply and it leaves so called criminals producing it.

Comecashin-at Clubs hide beneath so called none profits regulations then not needing a business license they live very well at it and trips to china or amsterdam and living the high life trading products for cannabis makes sure no profit is ever made... if you catch my drift.

I know quite a few of these money makers or to I say.... pimps of pot.

Bring us a referendum that says Regulate and drop the prohibition of cannabis and I will sign on.”
huffingtonpost entry

Liberals Need CPR, not the NDP's Dead Weight

Commented Mar 18, 2012 at 22:01:40 in Canada

“I disagree

Re"" peacekeeper ""

This is not true and as I was part of our Peace Keeping force I know better

You think what we just did in Libya is something to be proud of ??
Or Afghanistan??

What should really happen is my dream of the Common Sense Party and then with the ones I know of in the ndp, the liberals and the greens all get on board because it just makes sense then the remaining small shells of the hard core partisans wont matter one Iota !!!


I think our differences are far outweighed by our common ground
As I was part of all three and on all executives after in fact just winning my seat yesterday on my Liberal EDA executive ...I say that what you say is just plain wrong and totally discounts how many are actually just forward thinking progressives looking for fair and just government
Simple things like what this country used to be...a beacon of freedom to the entire world
To fairness and freedom and I for one think maybe we should kill both the liberals and the ndp and maybe then create the liberal democrats or as I say the common sense party
There is no way either could be doing anything like this with the harpercrites not a chance yet they could with each other if they just drop the obvious partisans who only see the small picture it seems

It could be quite workable


artbbcramer on Mar 19, 2012 at 00:22:32

“Sorry, there are big differences between Libs and New Dems. You guys talk about a social concious and fairness, but said nothing when Martin slashed government spending that hurt working people and the poor, and stood by while Axworthy and his ilk made it harder for people who paid into EI to get, and said nothing when Chrtien let the Brofmans move 700 million dollars tax free to the US.

No thanks, you stay Lib, I'll vote NDP.”