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Summer's Harvest Brings Healthy Choices for Kids

Posted August 12, 2011 | 01:18:03 PM (EST)

Summer is a good time to get kids interested in fresh, locally-grown fruits and vegetables. Whether it's fresh corn, or watermelon or cherries, the produce is seasonal, delicious, refreshing -- and visiting the farmers' market makes a great family outing.

Farmers' markets, which once required a long drive outside...

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A Child's Checklist for Summer: Swimsuit, Sunblock, Book!

Posted July 30, 2011 | 09:56:16 AM (EST)

Summer. Vacation. "No more pencils, no more books ..." -- hold it right there! There may be a two-month vacation from the formal classroom, but the enjoyment of reading can, and should, be year-round. In fact, summertime is when parents and children can discover together that reading is part of...

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