Steph McGrath
Steph McGrath is a writer and Digital Strategist (translation: Internet nerd) living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Steph has a Bachelor of Journalism, Honours from the University of King’s College. Her work has appeared on,’s Fashionism, the Toronto Sun, MSN Canada, Air Miles Magazine and CBC’s Definitely Not the Opera.

After spending years toiling on the Internets in Toronto, Steph moved back to Halifax in 2008, where she currently lives with her husband, manic depressive cat and the cutest dog in the world (seriously, he’s super cute).

When not writing, conducting workshops to help other people learn to write, or being an all-around nerd, Steph loves to travel. Costa Rica, Argentina, Uruguay and Miami, Florida are some of her favourite haunts.

If anyone reading this would like to publish a collection of Steph’s neurotic musings and turn it into a bestseller which will help fund future travel endeavors, she’s just a tweet away.

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Blog Entries by Steph McGrath

Tweet, in the Name of Love

(0) Comments | Posted June 20, 2011 | 3:33 PM

@hfxman: "The woman who wants 2 meet me is flipping me the bird in her profile pic. I think I'm in love."

My Twitter feed is full of Tweets from @hfxman. I want him to tell me about digital dating. He wants to do laundry. I'm very persistent,...

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Does This Tweet Make Me Look Fat?

(23) Comments | Posted May 27, 2011 | 8:00 AM

Someone I've never met, yet continue to follow, keeps Tweeting about her White Whine anguish in a very bitter way. If Twitter is to be believed, she's really pissed about being single (sweetheart, sarcasm is the garnish on your heartbreak entree) and finds her parents somewhat tiresome. I think she...

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