March 30, 2017
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5 Ways To Get A Return On Your Investment When Shopping

Shopping Dan Dalton via Getty Images

There are a few ways that can guarantee that you not only invest in pieces that you can get a lot of use out of but pieces that can make your closet more dynamic. Having a closet that is actually functional can help you redefine both your daily life and your future success. If you exercise these very easy to follow steps every time you go shopping, you should have no problem turning a closet that is "blah" into a closet that rocks your world!

Japanese Café Bans Employees From Wearing Makeup

Indeed via Getty Images

Alicia Keys Claps Back At Adam Levine For Makeup Comment

Dominique Charriau via Getty Images

Tattoo Parlour Covers Up Racist Body Art For Free, 'No Questions Asked'

The Washington Post/Screenshot

These Canadian Women Are Shedding A New Light On Body Positivity

Instagram/Katie Zeppieri

United Airlines Wouldn't Let Teens On Flight Because They Wore Leggings

martince2 via Getty Images

Former 'Electric Circus' Host Is Out To Conquer The Beauty World

Andrew Francis Wallace via Getty Images

Cate Blanchett Is So Over Hollywood's 'Obsession' With Beauty

Walter McBride via Getty Images

Twitter's Latest Hashtag Celebrates The Beauty Of Thick Thighs


Sephora To Offer Free Beauty Classes To People Undergoing Chemo

Jacky Naegelen / Reuters

WTF Was Tory Burch Thinking Before They Launched This Ad?


10 Wedding Dresses That Will Leave You ~Breathless~

Thomas Concordia via Getty Images

Fashion Blogger Flushes Haters' Sh*tty Comments Down The Toilet


What Beauty Means To 41 Women Of Colour

Allure Magazine

Nail Salon Allegedly Refuses To Give Pedicures To 'Overweight' Customers

PeopleImages via Getty Images

Here Are The 10 Biggest Beauty Trends For Spring


Target's New Campaign Features Stretch Marks And We're Here For It


Women In Their Bras And Jeans Take Over Toronto For An Amazing Reason

instagram/Isabella Forget

Hey, Bill Morneau! Nice Budget-Day Shoes!

Wonder Woman Fans Are Angry About Gal Gadot's Armpits

Henry Romero / Reuters

Man Taking Down Wife's Hair Is Husband Of The Year


Fashion May Finally Have This Whole Diversity Thing Down

Pietro D'aprano via Getty Images

7 Muslim Women On What Faith, Modesty And Fashion Means To Them

Courtesy of Fahmida Kamali

This Woman With Albinism Tells You What Makes Her Feel Beautiful


Ashley Graham's Exes: 'They Were Afraid I Was Going To Be Too Fat'

Roy Rochlin via Getty Images

9 Teen Stresses You DGAF About As An Adult

artJazz via Getty Images

Kerry Washington Designed A Bag For Domestic Abuse Survivors

John Shearer via Getty Images

For Some Black Women, Going Natural Can Cause Serious Anxiety

keithpix via Getty Images

Woman Bullied For Vitiligo Uses Body Art To Love The Skin She's In



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Hairstylist's Photos Show The Heartbreaking Effects Of Depression

petekarici via Getty Images

Your Acne Is Beautiful And This Model Is Out To Prove It

Mom Creates Natural Hair Billboard To Help Daughter's Self-Esteem


How Gabrielle Union Learned To Love Her Natural Hair

Presley Ann via Getty Images

5 Reasons Why Miss Universe Canada Is Our Body Image Hero

'Save A Dog, Eat A Chinese' T-Shirt Is A Disgusting Display Of Racism


Surprise! A Majority Of Bridesmaids Don't Like Their Dresses

eelnosiva via Getty Images

Kristen Stewart Reveals Why She Got A Buzzcut

Paul Bruinooge via Getty Images

These Types Of Men Are More Likely To Go Bald

SensorSpot via Getty Images

The Hottest Hairstyles To Try This Spring

7 Women Who Fearlessly Flaunt Their Body Hair

NKS_Imagery via Getty Images

This Nike Model Doesn't Have Time For Your Fat-Shaming


Why Black Models Had To Make Paris Fashion Week Political


The Perfect Pair Of Glasses For Every Face Shape

svetikd via Getty Images

4C Naturalista Women Share Their Best-Kept Hair Secrets

Courtesy of NappQueen

Nike Is Making A Line of Hijabs For Female Muslim Athletes


Stop Applauding Designers For Casting One Woman Of Colour: Model

Victor Boyko via Getty Images

How Chanel Pulled Off That Rocket Liftoff

Victor Boyko via Getty Images
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