Prince George


Kate Middleton's New Mom Experience Will Never Be Ordinary

From the moment it was announced that Prince William's wife, Kate, was expecting their first child, and third-in-line-for-the-throne-heir, many moms and the media have struggled to find commonalities between her new baby experience, and everyone else's. Everyday challenges a new mom faces will always have a slight variance for Kate.

Bye For Now!

Sorry, Kate Middleton and Prince George, Prince William has to get back to work. Two weeks after the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to the future king, Will’s paternity leave has come to an end, and...

'Whoa! I've Been Hit By Lightning!'

A Prince George, B.C., man is feeling lucky to be alive after being struck by lightning. Nels Hansen was sitting in the bleachers at a local baseball field on Wednesday when a thunderstorm rolled in...

Prince George Overnight Lockdown

PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. - Residents of about 50 homes in Prince George, B.C., spent an uncomfortable night as they waited for permission to return to their properties.The residents, and those in another 5...

Prince George Killing Charges

PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. - Three people, one of them a teenager, have been charged with second degree murder in connection with the slaying of a man in Prince George, B.C.Mounties in that city say 23-year-...
Flickr: BC Gov

Prince George Wood Centre Is An 'Affront To Citizens'

The most outlandish move was to promote the Wood Innovation and Design Centre as a 10-storey, wood frame building, making it the tallest wood structure in the world. What about building codes, safety assessments, economic viability, and financial feasibility? Evidently, this government felt those are questions more suitably dealt with after the fact. That simply is not good and responsible government.

What's Putting Caribou At Risk?

PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. - Thrill-seeking snowmobilers east of Prince George, B.C., could be putting endangered mountain caribou at risk.Environment ministry officials and conservation officers are warning...