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What Democracy?

VICTORIA - New Democrat Leader Adrian Dix says having politicians sit for only 36 days in British Columbia's legislature this year isn't good enough.Dix stood outside the legislature chambers today, o...
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Who Took 'Ethnicgate' To The RCMP?

VICTORIA - The outgoing leader of British Columbia's New Democratic Party says information he provided to the RCMP last month has prompted an Election Act investigation and the appointment of a specia...

Sour Grapes?

VICTORIA - British Columbia's New Democrat Leader Adrian Dix says he forwarded information to the RCMP in connection with the Liberal government's discredited plan to court ethnic voters, but he refus...

BC NDP Leader? Me?

OTTAWA - Nathan Cullen says he's cool to the idea of running for the leadership of the British Columbia NDP.But the federal MP isn't entirely ruling it out.Cullen, who serves as NDP Leader Tom Mulcair...

Post-Dix, Would Anyone Want to Lead the B.C. NDP?

Adrian Dix, the monstrously unsuccessful leader of the British Columbia New Democratic Party, has finally agreed to resign. To call the decision overdue would test the limits of polite euphemism. Let's just say if he displayed the same timeliness paying his heating bills he would have perished of frostbite long ago.

NDP Leader To Quit

VANCOUVER - B.C. Opposition Leader Adrian Dix says he will leave as leader of the New Democrats as soon as the party can hold a leadership vote, saying the most important thing the party can do is sti...

Dix To Announce Future Next Week

VICTORIA - New Democrat Party Leader Adrian Dix is preparing to make an announcement regarding his political future next week.A senior official from within Dix's staff said a time, date or location fo...

Wrong Way, Adrian

VICTORIA - A still-dejected Robin Austin is decamping to England. A solemn New Democrat Leader Adrian Dix plans to "reflect."British Columbia's NDP MLAs are leaving the end of a short but dispirited l...

Where Did They Go Wrong?

VICTORIA - The NDP's stunning election loss has prompted the party to appoint a panel that will review why it stayed out of office after pundits predicted victory at the polls.Panel members include Ne...

Adrian Dix: B.C. Liberals Are Cheats

VICTORIA - Opposition New Democrat Leader Adrian Dix called British Columbia's Liberals cheats Wednesday, as the ongoing debate about the failed Liberal plan to court ethnic voters turned into a name-...


VANCOUVER - A month after his party suffered a shocking electoral upset, British Columbia New Democrat Leader told party members that he takes responsibility for the debacle.Adrian Dix faced the party...
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Meet Your Shadow Cabinet

VICTORIA - Former New Democrat leadership candidate Mike Farnworth is leading the charge when it comes to dissecting the Liberal government's budget in a revamped shadow cabinet announced Friday by ND...

Bittersweet Return For Dix

VICTORIA - Premier Christy Clark took a major step towards returning to British Columbia's legislature by announcing a July 10 byelection date Wednesday, while New Democrat Leader Adrian Dix described...

The B.C. Election: The Pitfalls of Flip-Flopping

Here Warren Kinsella's oft-repeated maxim rings true. In Kinsella's latest book he states that what is true of car crashes is true of political life. When polled, voters will insist they hate negative ads. But when they thinking no one is looking they will slow down, take a look, and remember what they see.

Who Killed the BC NDP's Election Chances?

"As leader of the BC NDP, I take full responsibility for this ifs, ands or buts." That's what Adrian Dix told reporters at a news conference last Wednesday, following his party's surprise failure to win the recent provincial election. Nevertheless, there are many more people who should be shouldering that responsibility. But the press hasn't made it easy for the public or party members to finger who those people are.
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Removing the Risk Takers Makes Politics Boring

I've had conversations with some in the media and I've yet to see someone quote me, so I'll say it here; we are insular and provincial in B.C. And unless we ignore the Alex Tsakumises of the world when they piously bleat about the Premier being unfit for office because she showed some goodwill and good nature by sharing a joke about MILFs with a radio host (who was fired for it btw), or ignore the media prattling on for weeks because of a dancing penis prank on a gay MLA (I've yet to meet gays who don't enjoy dick jokes) we are going to reap what we sow -- which is small numbers of people running for public office and even less numbers qualified to run for premier.

How Dirty Hands Win Campaigns

The political style of Harper and Christy Clark has been polarizing and driven by wedges designed to shore up their base. They haven't governed; their modus operandi is obfuscation and public relations. They lie as a matter of deliberate political strategy, but they come out winners. If Adrian Dix and Michael Ignatieff have taught us anything, it is that opposition leaders must not allow themselves to become human piñatas in the name of the "high road". They have a solemn duty to hold governments accountable for their records. That means fully engaging in the fight, not being passive in the face of it.

The NDP's Problem Is Bigger Than Adrian Dix

Over 35 years, the NDP has seen its share of the popular vote decline and its actual vote stall, despite an electorate that has nearly doubled in size over the same period. Parties that don't grow their base lose and risk withering away. The message for the NDP in all these numbers is ominous and it's not just about Adrian Dix. It may have more to do with the brand.
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If Trudeau Doesn't Attack, He'll Lose

Trudeau needs to attack Harper's strongest point: the economy. While he has been doing that in the House of Commons, only avid politicos will be aware of it. He needs to bring those criticism on a larger scale and reach more Canadians via advertisements.

Defeated But Still Standing

VANCOUVER - British Columbia's NDP leader says he takes "full responsibility" for the party's devastating election loss, but Adrian Dix plans to continue to lead the Opposition, at least for now, as t...

No Direction Home

HEDLEY, B.C. - Adrian Dix was inside the Hitching Post Restaurant drinking from a mug stamped with twin six-shooters while outside on the old mining town's main street, with dusk starting to cover the...
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'He Is The Man To Carry On'

British Columbia NDP Leader Adrian Dix has kept a low profile since conceding victory to the Liberals two days ago in a surprise end to the provincial election, but some members of his party are suppo...

Fumbling The Youth Vote Cost The NDP

While it may not be good for our democracy, one can understand why parties in power don't feel the need to court the youth vote. They are winning without it. Incumbents are being re-elected to power because they consistently win more support from the older part of the population who show up.

Surprised The Liberals Won? It's The Chinese, Stupid!

Obviously, the face of B.C., quite literally, is changing. Immigrants account for 45 per cent of the population in Vancouver, 52 per cent in Surrey, 59 per cent in Burnaby and 70 per cent in Richmond. Immigrant populations are rising everywhere, even in the whitest regions of the province. And they aren't buying what the NDP is selling. Big government. Vast social programs. Union allegiance.