Adrian Dix


How Did The B.C. NDP Fall So Hard?

VANCOUVER - There was no single failure that led British Columbia's New Democrats to a devastating loss in a provincial election they were highly anticipated to win, says a party post-mortem released...

Land Reserve Independence In Jeopardy?

VANCOUVER - A leaked cabinet document that proposes significant changes to British Columbia's Agricultural Land Reserve — millions of hectares of cherished farmland that have been largely protected fr...

Decision Delayed

VANCOUVER - The provincial council of British Columbia's New Democrats has put off a decision on the date of a leadership vote to replace outgoing party leader Adrian Dix.Earlier this week, the party'...

Vote To Replace Dix On The Horizon

VICTORIA - British Columbia's New Democratic Party executive is recommending May 25 next year as the date for a leadership vote to replace current party leader Adrian Dix.In a statement released today...

What Democracy?

VICTORIA - New Democrat Leader Adrian Dix says having politicians sit for only 36 days in British Columbia's legislature this year isn't good enough.Dix stood outside the legislature chambers today, o...
B.C. Gov

Who Took 'Ethnicgate' To The RCMP?

VICTORIA - The outgoing leader of British Columbia's New Democratic Party says information he provided to the RCMP last month has prompted an Election Act investigation and the appointment of a specia...

Sour Grapes?

VICTORIA - British Columbia's New Democrat Leader Adrian Dix says he forwarded information to the RCMP in connection with the Liberal government's discredited plan to court ethnic voters, but he refus...

BC NDP Leader? Me?

OTTAWA - Nathan Cullen says he's cool to the idea of running for the leadership of the British Columbia NDP.But the federal MP isn't entirely ruling it out.Cullen, who serves as NDP Leader Tom Mulcair...

Post-Dix, Would Anyone Want to Lead the B.C. NDP?

Adrian Dix, the monstrously unsuccessful leader of the British Columbia New Democratic Party, has finally agreed to resign. To call the decision overdue would test the limits of polite euphemism. Let's just say if he displayed the same timeliness paying his heating bills he would have perished of frostbite long ago.

NDP Leader To Quit

VANCOUVER - B.C. Opposition Leader Adrian Dix says he will leave as leader of the New Democrats as soon as the party can hold a leadership vote, saying the most important thing the party can do is sti...

Dix To Announce Future Next Week

VICTORIA - New Democrat Party Leader Adrian Dix is preparing to make an announcement regarding his political future next week.A senior official from within Dix's staff said a time, date or location fo...

Wrong Way, Adrian

VICTORIA - A still-dejected Robin Austin is decamping to England. A solemn New Democrat Leader Adrian Dix plans to "reflect."British Columbia's NDP MLAs are leaving the end of a short but dispirited l...