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Why My NDP Vote Is A Green Vote

In the past the BC NDP condemned the Liberal carbon tax policy without doing the hard work to address how an NDP government would address these challenges. Under the leadership of Adrian Dix it is now clear that an NDP government would take these issues very seriously and they have taken the time to carefully consider how the carbon tax needs to cover more greenhouse gas emissions to ensure that we not only reduce pollution but also build a stronger and more equitable economy for B.C. I'm impressed.

Adrian Dix Getting Testy

RICHMOND, B.C. -- New Democrat Adrian Dix's positive vibrations election campaign turned decidedly snarly Tuesday as he was forced to grit his teeth while facing difficult questions about spies, commu...

Turning Negative

The B.C. NDP has officially taken a right turn off the high road and begun attacking the B.C. Liberals for their record in office. The party launched a province-wide attack ad on radio Wednesday askin...

Dix Angered By Latest Liberal Attack

VANCOUVER - Saying there's no "expiry date on ethical behaviour," B.C. Premier Christy Clark has resurrected a sore spot in her NDP rival's political career as the Liberals unveiled another attack ad...

Dix Disses Clark's Election Campaign

SURREY, B.C. - As polls suggest the B.C. election race is tightening, New Democrat Leader Adrian Dix is becoming more strident in his criticism of the Liberals.While Dix called Christy Clark's campaig...

Dix Calls For 'More Generous' Politics

NDP Leader Adrian Dix turned up for an all-candidates debate in his own Vancouver-Kingsway riding Thursday night. Dix joined Liberal candidate Gurjit Dhillon and Green candidate Gregory Esau in field...

NDP Promises Hospital Upgrades

An ice cream stop and a winery tour were part of NDP leader Adrian Dix's campaign trip through the Okanagan on Friday as he followed Premier Christy Clark's footsteps through the region in an attempt...

B.C. Election 2013: What The Parties Plan To Tell You

The B.C. Freedom of Information and Privacy Association, sent all four parties a questionnaire pushing them for clear positions on how they would stop the erosion of our privacy rights and defend our access to government records through Freedom of Information. On April 30th, we received responses from the NDP, the Liberals, and the Greens (we've yet to hear back from the Conservatives). They all had interesting, if decidedly different things to say.
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B.C. Carbon Tax Here To Stay

VANCOUVER - As pundits and pollsters attempt to predict the results of British Columbia's forthcoming election, there is at least one sure bet: the province's carbon tax will survive the May 14 vote.I...

Did Adrian Dix Win TV Debate?

More than half the people who took CBC's Vote Compass right after the leaders' debate say NDP Leader Adrian Dix won outright, while less than a third give the nod to Liberal Leader Christy Clark. The...

Where Dix's Deficit Math Comes From

VANCOUVER - New Democrat Leader Adrian Dix has repeatedly said the Liberal party's deficit numbers are askew.The latest criticism came during a televised leaders' debate when Dix claimed the Dominion...

I Won. No, I Won

VANCOUVER - British Columbia's election campaign is at the midway mark and it's turning into a fact-checking exercise between Premier Christy Clark's Liberals and Adrian Dix's New Democrats.The differ...

Adrian Dix: The Unpredictable Premier?

Voters want to know where their potential leaders stand before they have to walk into a polling station and put a tick next to a party's name. While it's impossible for anyone to fully anticipate and articulate every possible challenge and scenario ahead of a four-year term in office, taxpayers want a predictable pattern set out. Political leaders should be able to change their mind as circumstances change, but nothing had changed about asset sales or Kinder Morgan.
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What B.C. Mayors Think Of Dix

PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. - NDP Leader Adrian Dix may not get a warm reception when he speaks to the B.C. Mayor's Caucus in Prince George, B.C., later today.One of the 10 caucus members, Surrey Mayor Dianne...
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Media Bites: The Sad State of B.C. Politics

The 40th British Columbia General Election is a dreary race between dreadful choices. That's an easy thing to say about any election, granted, but the sad state of B.C. politics is truly the stuff apathy was designed for. The final droplets of ideology, vision, principle, passion, and leadership having long since drained from this province's governing class, there's now nothing left but empty partisan squabbling.

NDP Would Kill LNG: B.C. Liberals

VANCOUVER - An NDP candidate's comments and Liberal attempts to use them to suggest an Adrian Dix government would scupper the province's sprint toward LNG riches are being noted by industry, but obse...
BC Liberals

B.C. Election: By The Numbers

B.C. Liberal Leader Christy Clark has been attacking her opponent NDP Leader Adrian Dix by calling him the $3-billion-man because that's what she claims his campaign promises will cost. "Beside you i...

Clark, Dix Call Each Other Flip Floppers

VANCOUVER - Money and oil.Among the shades of grey that separate the two main political parties vying to form government in British Columbia with so little economic room to move, these two issues emer...

Do You Want Your Taxes Higher, Or Higher Still?

British Columbia is officially in election mode and the parties are rolling out their campaign promises. When it comes to the tax promises of the two mainstream parties, British Columbians are confronted with a choice, as it were, between higher taxes or even higher taxes. So go ahead and pick your poison.