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B.C. Leadership Debate Set

The only televised debate between B.C.'s four main party leaders will take place on April 29, 2013 from 6:30 p.m. PT to 8 p.m. CBC will broadcast the debate live on radio, television and online, alon...

NDP's Promise To B.C. Filmmakers

VANCOUVER - New Democrat Party Leader Adrian Dix took centre stage on a set at Vancouver's Film Studio Tuesday to confidently announce he's bringing the film and TV business back to British Columbia.B...

B.C. Premier Blamed For TV Debate Flop

VANCOUVER - A proposed one-on-one televised debate between B.C. Premier Christy Clark and New Democrat Leader Adrian Dix has fallen apart because the NDP says other parties were excluded.The idea for...
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VANCOUVER - B.C.'s election race doesn't officially begin until April 16, but New Democrats say they are already prepared — and very eager — to begin their campaign to oust the governing Liberals.Prov...

Who's Funding B.C.'s Political Parties?

VICTORIA - The B.C. Liberal and New Democratic parties raised more than $17 million in political donations last year.Elections B.C. released the figures on Friday, just nine days before the official l...

Adrian Dix and the Cynical B.C. Liberals

British Columbia's Opposition Leader, Adrian Dix, isn't surprised the budget tabled by the B.C. Liberal government plagiarized major features of NDP policy. What genuinely astonishes Dix is the unconcealed cynicism of the B.C. Liberals.

No Retaliation In Campaign: B.C. NDP

BURNABY, B.C. - More than two months before British Columbia's provincial election, both the premier and official opposition leader say they're girding for a hard-fought campaign, but among supporters...

B.C. Election Campaigns Don't Come Cheap

Party leaders will say all the right things to deny the obvious: we're campaigning for the votes of all British Columbians, we don't take any vote for granted, or we're running to win in all 85 ridings. But after all that voter ID, statistical analysis and polling, strategists know very well that there's likely less than 250,000 voters living in less than half of B.C.'s 85 ridings who will actually count on May 14. And the two main parties will fish where the fish are.

A Political Newbie Tackles The B.C. Election

With the May 14 provincial election approaching, I have decided that this time is going to be different; this time I will be informed. Becoming politically savvy evokes anxiety for an amateur like me. I have to sift through an overload of messages, rhetoric, jargon, and buzzwords. I can't compete with the political junkie, and I don't intend to. I just want to make sense of the basics.

O Happy News For B.C. NDP

VICTORIA - Premier Christy Clark is confident her Liberal government can survive a threat by the Opposition New Democrats to test what appears to an emaciated majority in the British Columbia legislat...

NDP Questions Liberals' Math

Opposition parties say the B.C. Liberal government's plan to pay down the province's $56 billion debt using revenues from liquefied natural gas exports to Asia is wishful thinking. In the speech from...

Hollywood Likes Vancouver: Dix

B.C. New Democrat leader Adrian Dix says Hollywood productions want to work in Vancouver and the province needs to do more to attract them. Dix was in Los Angeles meeting with film executives as the...

Going To Bat For B.C. Film

VANCOUVER - British Columbia's New Democratic Party Leader Adrian Dix hopes to land a supporting role in saving the province's television and film industry.Dix is in Los Angeles for two days of discus...

Hey B.C. Liberals.. Stop it: Dix

VANCOUVER - The NDP says B.C.'s auditor general should have the final say over any advertising the provincial government runs.Opposition Leader Adrian Dix says he wants to stop the kind of ads the Lib...

Ads Are 'Massive' Waste Of Tax Dollars

The provincial NDP has launched an online petition to silence a series of B.C. government ads the opposition calls a "massive" waste of tax dollars. New Democrat Leader Adrian Dix says the TV ads are...

The Secret, Occasionally Crappy Lives Of B.C. Caucus Staffers

Just who are these caucus staffers? Some are propelled to Victoria by true belief in party dogma, others by ambition and some are lured by campaign directors who fill their heads with promises of opportunities to broker power. In reality, those often starry-eyed staffers find themselves working punishing hours for relatively crappy pay, little job security (no gold-plated severance packages here) and the wrath of their political masters should they fail to meet some pretty insane expectations.