We've Never Owed So Much

OTTAWA — Canadian household debt climbed to a new high in the second quarter, turning around after creeping lower for two quarters, according to Statistics Canada. Statistics Canada said Friday the ra...
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The Lowdown On RRSPs

If you're looking to get a tax break on your 2012 income, keep in mind that RRSP deadline day in Canada is March 1. For many of us, getting the spare cash together to make any donation at all may be e...

RRSP Season: Are you a Today Guy or a Tomorrow Guy?

Seinfeld fans revere the TV sitcom's fifth season. The Puffy Shirt, the Lip Reader, the Marine Biologist; they're classics. The season also gave us one of Jerry's great show-opening monologues, about his constant internal battle between Night Guy and Morning Guy.

Four Ways to Balance Spending and Saving

An overwhelming majority of Canadians say that they still manage to save for the future, while many acknowledge that they have had to cut back on both spending and saving since the economic downturn. While nine out of 10 Canadians have some form of savings, which is indeed good news, 72 per cent also carry some form of debt. But there are ways to help find a better balance between spending and saving.