Alberta Election Wildrose


Wildrose Calls For Balanced Budget

CALGARY - Alberta's Wildrose party released five priority issues Wednesday that it will focus on during the provincial election campaign including cuts to spending and a balanced budget by 2017.Leader...

What Went Wrong For The Wildrose?

HIGH RIVER, Alta. - Danielle Smith says Albertans decided the Wildrose wasn't ready to lead the province just yet, thinking twice after the party suffered some "self-inflicted wounds" in the dying day...

Lean Left, Voting PC?

EDMONTON - Alberta's left-leaning voters don't often get much attention given the right-wing's traditional dominance of provincial politics, but there are number of them wrestling with an unusual dile...

5 Reasons Wildrose May Win In Alberta

When Alberta voters go to the polls on Monday, they could bring an end to a 41-year Progressive Conservative dynasty and turn to a largely untested group of politicians who say they want to return the...

Alberta's Wildrose Party Must Embrace the "Dirty Harry Gambit"

The Conservatives played up the idea of building more prisons and enacting tougher laws. The Tories did this because they knew full well that their right-wing "law and order" supporters would love it, but so would ordinary non-ideological voters who just want criminals thrown in jail. I call this ploy, the "Dirty Harry Gambit."