Alberta Heritage Fund


Ignoring The Heritage Savings Fund?

CALGARY - A report from the Fraser Institute suggests Alberta is doing little to save for a rainy day through its Heritage Savings and Trust Fund.The independent, fiscally conservative think-tank says...

B.C. Prosperity Fund Good Idea If Properly Designed

B.C.'s proposed Prosperity Fund is meant to capitalize on the future opportunities from natural gas development. If done correctly, the fund could be a huge benefit to both current and future British Columbians. As with many things though, the devil is in the details. Thankfully there are lessons to be learned, and avoided, from our neighbours, Alberta and Alaska.

Waking Up to the End of the World as We Know It

If Canada doesn't wake up soon, the world as we know it, and all our most easily harvested non-renewable resources -- including fish, according to Dr. Boris Worm -- will be gone before 2050.Me? I'll be gone by then, too. And other than buying a hybrid car, I'm officially out of answers for my kids. How about you?