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Five Things We Can Learn From the Alberta Election

The big surprise with the NDP's breakthrough is Alberta is seen as the country's most conservative province. Home of the oil sands, Stephen Harper, and the Wildrose party, there's plenty of evidence to back this up. But, Calgary and Edmonton both have progressive mayors, Alberta is the youngest province demographically, and Albertans are feeling the economic (not to mention environmental) downside to an oil dependent economy. Rachel Notley reminded everyone that Alberta is defined by... Alberta.

End of an Era: The Demise of PC Alberta

I'm not the first and surely won't be the last to predict the end of 40+ years of PC rule in Alberta. Their obituary has been written at least twice before; in 1993 when Ralph Klein rescued the PCs in the "miracle on the prairies" and most recently last year when Wildrose drowned in a lake of fire to allow Alison Redford to continue Alberta's Progressive Conservative dynasty.

Alberta's Big Budget Gamble In 2013

EDMONTON - For 30 years, Alison Redford had known Peter Lougheed and from him learned the art of politics.In April she won a majority mandate at the helm of the Progressive Conservative dynasty he lau...

B.C. Liberal Party Expenses Out Of Whack

Sometimes when you want to know how prudent a political party will be with the taxpayer's dime, it doesn't hurt to consider how prudent they are when it comes to spending their own dime at party headquarters. Compared to their counterparts in other provinces, the B.C. Liberal party spends like there's no tomorrow. And it's spending that increasingly points to something ominous: election campaigns that never end.