Alberta Wildrose Party


Corporate Welfare Or Just Bad Politics?

EDMONTON - Alberta's official Opposition says a $1-billion loan guarantee from the government to a refinery project shows poor business judgment.Wildrose party critic Jason Hale says the money is at r...

Wildrose To Work Harder For Edmonton

EDMONTON - Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith says her party will be working harder to earn the support of voters in Edmonton.Speaking at her annual leader's dinner in the city on Thursday night, Smith ad...

Where Is Danielle Smith Spending Money?

EDMONTON - Alberta's official Opposition leader has posted online all of her expenses — with receipts — dating back to May.Danielle Smith says the figures include her constituency expenses.She says th...

Every Wildrose Has its Thorn

It's tempting to look at the rise of Danielle Smith's Wildrose Party as an Alberta-only phenomenon. But if current polls hold true, the Wildrose, which garnered only seven per cent of the popular vote in Alberta's 2008 provincial election, is set to topple Alison Redford's Progressive Conservative Government on Monday.

Where She Came From, How She Got Here

EDMONTON - When Danielle Smith won the Wildrose party leadership in the fall of 2009, she took to the stage at an Edmonton hotel and gave 400 cheering supporters their rallying cry."Ed Stelmach! You h...

Poll: Majority In Sight For Wildrose

A poll conducted for the CBC shows the Wildrose Party has a seven-point lead over the Progressive Conservatives just a week before the Alberta election, but it's edging towards majority territory. Th...

Alberta's Wildrose Party Must Embrace the "Dirty Harry Gambit"

The Conservatives played up the idea of building more prisons and enacting tougher laws. The Tories did this because they knew full well that their right-wing "law and order" supporters would love it, but so would ordinary non-ideological voters who just want criminals thrown in jail. I call this ploy, the "Dirty Harry Gambit."