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Are You Guilty of This All-Inclusive Vacation Habit?

I see people do this really unhealthy thing, especially young people: They book an all inclusive vacation, diet for six weeks unhealthy, workout at a short bootcamp, then head off to a sunny beach to take a few selfies on the first day and put all the weight and then some back with buffets and breakfast margarita.
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Is Voluntourism Really Right for You?

Many of us have volunteered during our travels before, and it seems that many more are considering it with each passing day. For good reason, too. However, choosing which program to participate in requires far more critical thought than choosing which all-inclusive in Mexico to drink at.

Unplug, Relax and Enjoy Your Vacation

One week in the Dominican Republic at an all-inclusive resort for a good friend's wedding. This is the place where you DON'T bring your laptop. But, I reasoned, the self-employed don't get vacations. Then I put away my laptop, and I had the best week of my life.