Andrea Horvath


The Health Minister Can Do Better to Improve Mental Health Services

In his first foray into the policy world of mental illness, Dr. Eric Hoskins, the new Ontario Minister of Health, has just announced that he is "promoting resiliency and well being for all Ontarians by expanding proven programs" and that he wants "the right care at the right time and in the right place" for all. A good effort Dr. Hoskins but you really can and should do better.

In Canada, Who Polices the Police?

Sammy Yatim's unfortunate death at the hands of police in Toronto is an extreme example of police behaviour that goes unchecked in this country. It is only when police action leads to death as in this case and in the case of Robert Dziekanski who was tasered by RCMP officers in Vancouver a few years ago that there is an outcry. There are others and our politicians stand by and hide.