Why This MP Got So Emotional

Plenty of people were frustrated and offended by a Justin Trudeau event aimed at "ladies," perhaps none more so than Conservative MP Michelle Rempel. Speaking Thursday to Evan Solomon, host of CBC's...
Liberal Party of Canada

Hey Justin, We're Not Your "Ladies"

Thursday night in Toronto, "ladies" are invited for cocktails and candid conversation (for $250 a head) with Justin -- unplugged! The Liberal Party has even been so kind as to craft an invitation specially for our gender, complete with cute cursive writing and lots of splashy colours. The only thing missing from this creepy, patronizing and unbelievably ridiculous picture are scented pages and locks of Trudeau's hair as door prizes. Fortunately, Trudeau's plan has totally backfired.
Liberal Party of Canada

Hello, Ladies..

It appears an invitation for cocktails and candid conversation with Justin Trudeau isn't going over well with the "ladies" — in Toronto and elsewhere. On Thursday, the Liberal leader will host a $250...