Space for Ambition: Chris Hadfield's Guide to Life

Colonel Chris Hadfield's book opens with a brief description of the wonders of seeing Earth from space. For a few short paragraphs, the reader is treated to depictions of the sunrises. In the space of a few pages, however, this all ends, leaving a paean to meticulousness in its place. This book, as it turns out, is less about space than it is about being a certain sort of person.

'Ziggy' Hadfield Has His Own T-Shirt

Ground control to major Tom, take your protein pills and put your t-shirt on. Thanks to funky t-shirt makers Human, you can now walk around wearing the galaxy's coolest astronaut on your shirt. The t-...

WATCH: Chris Hadfield Talks To Students

Students at an Alberta school got the rare chance on Monday to speak with astronaut Chris Hadfield about science, space and living without gravity. Hadfield, who is aboard the International Space Stat...