Attawapiskat First Nations


Why Can't Attawapiskat Help Itself?

Chief Spence wants no outside interference -- just more money and no questions asked or controls demanded. If any non-Aboriginal community were run the way Attawapiskat was run, there'd be a revolt among residents -- and the feds would long ago have cut off funding.

Attawapiskat: Under New Management

The federal government has announced the remote James Bay community of Attawapiskat will go under third-party management amid a housing crisis. Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Duncan, who announced t...
Charlie Angus

Attawapiskat's Abandonment Crisis

What this is about is distance. A distant bureaucracy from a distant culture imposing baffling edicts and regulations on a group of people who were highly self-sufficient hunters and trappers for thousands of years before they wandered into the quicksand of the Indian Act.