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Know What's Deeply Traumatic, Elbowgaters? Needing Assisted Dying

Something got lost in all this childish behaviour, especially once Tom Mulcair transitioned from apparently laughing at Trudeau losing his cool to losing his own cool and screaming that the Prime Minister was "pathetic" for accidentally elbowing NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau in the chest... What got lost was the bill they were debating, Bill C-14, the government's assisted-dying legislation. And it fell further from prominence once the NDP, the party that allegedly wants to make this bill better, saw an opportunity to use the accident as political leverage against the Prime Minister and perhaps for their own leadership ambitions.

WATCH: This Baby Seal Wants To Say Hello

Most of the time, you shouldn't get too close to baby animals. Their moms and dads can be very unfriendly to strangers. But if a very friendly and adorable seal decides to say hi, you should probably...


What’s better than a panda baby? Three panda babies, of course. A zoo in China announced the birth of triplet panda cubs (who were born on July 29) Tuesday. Breeders say they delayed the announcement...

Lost Baby Moose Gets A Ride From The Cops

The Gander SPCA has had many unusual guests over the years — crows, hawks, and even a fox. But the latest guest may be the most unusual — a very young moose. She doesn't have a name, but they're thi...
Toronto Zoo

Toronto Zoo's Cute Fight

It's no secret that we at The Huffington Post Canada love baby animals. So we're thrilled to find out about the Toronto Zoo's Cute Fight. Yep, a Facebook tournament that pits two adorable baby animals...