Canada Shouldn't Enable Saudi Abuses

Our government may say that we're engaging the Saudis to foster reform in the kingdom. Apartheid South Africa's allies made similar arguments, calling for "constructive engagement" with the racist regime. Thankfully, Canada rejected that approach and led the world on sanctions, which hastened the end of apartheid.

If the Europeans Can Make a Union Work, Maybe the Arabs Can

It is no secret that the idea of amalgamating into a single country, which was farthest away from the minds of the rulers of these countries, was only contemplated as a direct result of the Arab Spring which toppled several Arab dictators who were thought to be completely invincible, and left the rest of them asking "Who will be next?" Now more than ever, a union of the Arab Gulf states is possible.

Dear F1: It's Not Me, It's You

I'd like to publicly announce the immediate dumping of my formerly loved sport. By believing F1 could race in Bahrain this past weekend without endorsing an authoritarian regime and its violent repression of a pro-democracy movement, Bernie Ecclestone, the billionaire British owner, inserted the sport into the centre of the ongoing Arab Spring, and even helped to re-ignite it.

Canadian Jailed In Bahrain Could Be Freed

An Ottawa man who was arrested in Bahrain last Wednesday because of convictions connected to the Arab Spring protests has been released from custody Monday, according to his fiancée. Naser al-Raas wa...

Questions Remain in Bahrain

In all the turmoil currently gripping the Arab nations, nothing has been more distressing for me than abuse of the human rights of the medical staff of the famous Salmaniya Medical Centre in Bahrain....