Bank Bonuses


Bonuses Soar At Canadian Banks

Canada’s six biggest banks earmarked C$12.2 billion ($10.7 billion) for annual bonuses, 13 percent more than last year, as North American stock markets rose and investment-banking fees soared to a rec...

RBC's CEO Isn't the Only Boss With an Obscene Salary

In response to the backlash surrounding RBC this week, and in particular, against RBC CEO Gordon Nixon, let's look at how CEOs are compensated. Last year, RBC posted record earnings of $7.5 Billion and CEO Nixon received a pay hike of $2.5 million with millions in stock and option-based awards, incentives, and bonuses -- for meeting or exceeding expectations set out by the board of directors. I thought that was pretty shocking until I read about other CEOs. What makes these people so valuable and worth so much to a company? Someone tell me please. The bottom line is that this type of financial abuse affects everyone.