We Still Need to Pay Attention to Nuclear Safety in Quebec

Remember that a few years ago, the Harper government fired Linda Keen, then President of the CNSC, because she questioned the safety of the Chalk River reactor, which produces bio-medical isotopes. By firing a person who had as her mandate the safety of citizens in nuclear matters, and who had the courage to question the laxity of nuclear industry safety, has the CNSC and the Canadian government truly protected the public?

Orwell's Animal Farm in the St Lawrence

After ten years of industry exploration and hundreds of millions of dollars of investment the Government is for a third time changing the rules of the game and ripping up their written contractual promises. Legislation is to be presented by Quebec's minority Government to add drilling to the existing moratorium on fracking. This even though no one would ask to drill a well if they couldn't frack it.

Why No Video?

You may have heard about Petrolia having troubles drilling their well in the Gaspe due to special new rules made by the municipality. It shouldn't be a surprise that a municipality decided to make its own rules. The Government of Quebec won't tell anyone how it works or what the benefits are. It's like a national secret kept securely in the vaults of the BAPE.

Is The Energy Industry Held To A Higher Standard?

According to an old Dutch friend of mine, there is a Dutch saying that goes "what you say is what's in your heart". Basically it means what you say about other people can be a sign of what you yourself believe and how you behave. For example an unfounded accusation of duplicity could actually be the sign of a duplicitous nature.