Bc Election 2013


Her 'Strangely Satisfying' Year

When B.C.'s provincial election campaign kicked off in April, Liberal Leader and Premier Christy Clark was trailing by nearly 20 per cent in some polls. It seemed NDP Leader Adrian Dix was a sure...

How Did The B.C. NDP Fall So Hard?

VANCOUVER - There was no single failure that led British Columbia's New Democrats to a devastating loss in a provincial election they were highly anticipated to win, says a party post-mortem released...

Enough With the Reviews: B.C. Needs a Complete Reset

B.C. has seen umpteen reviews of various government agencies and files. BC Hydro, ICBC, BC Ferries and TransLink have all been reviewed within the past two years. Reviews have been promised for the B.C. Lottery Corporation, B.C. Housing, the B.C. Oil and Gas Commission, B.C. Transit, and the Liquor Distribution Board. Pre-election, the NDP generated a list of 35 reviews had been promised by the government. One hesitates to remind government of these promised reviews, lest a review into the missing reviews also be promised.

Where Did They Go Wrong?

VICTORIA - The NDP's stunning election loss has prompted the party to appoint a panel that will review why it stayed out of office after pundits predicted victory at the polls.Panel members include Ne...


KELOWNA, B.C. - It's been more than 30 months of campaigning for British Columbia's Premier Christy Clark since before she was elected the Liberal Party leader in February 2011, but that marathon pace...

Why Pollsters Flubbed The B.C. Election

As Angus Reid tells it, there was a moment during the B.C. election campaign when even he had trouble believing his firm’s polling numbers. The date was Friday May 9, going into the final weekend of t...

She's Back!

She was booted out of the BC NDP on the first day of provincial election due to racist remarks, and won less than 5 per cent of the vote in Kelowna-Mission as an Independent, but Dayleen Van Ryswyk ha...


VANCOUVER - A month after his party suffered a shocking electoral upset, British Columbia New Democrat Leader told party members that he takes responsibility for the debacle.Adrian Dix faced the party...

Swear An Oath

VICTORIA - Premier Christy Clark says the legislature will be recalled within days to ensure the government passes its budget, even though she will be campaigning in a byelection for much of the debat...

A Landslide Shouldn't Blind Christy Clark to the Voters She Lost

According to an Ipsos Reid exit poll poll of 1,400 British Columbians, the top issue influencing voters was open and honest government. On this issue voters chose the BC NDP by a 10 per cent margin (47 to 37 per cent).The fourth issue was trust in a particular leader or party. The Liberals lost those voters by five per cent. It's easy for political operatives to sweep such inconvenient truths under the rug when they've just pulled-off a miracle, but Liberals do need to take note: they've lost the trust of a significant block of voters.

Who Killed the BC NDP's Election Chances?

"As leader of the BC NDP, I take full responsibility for this defeat...no ifs, ands or buts." That's what Adrian Dix told reporters at a news conference last Wednesday, following his party's surprise failure to win the recent provincial election. Nevertheless, there are many more people who should be shouldering that responsibility. But the press hasn't made it easy for the public or party members to finger who those people are.
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Removing the Risk Takers Makes Politics Boring

I've had conversations with some in the media and I've yet to see someone quote me, so I'll say it here; we are insular and provincial in B.C. And unless we ignore the Alex Tsakumises of the world when they piously bleat about the Premier being unfit for office because she showed some goodwill and good nature by sharing a joke about MILFs with a radio host (who was fired for it btw), or ignore the media prattling on for weeks because of a dancing penis prank on a gay MLA (I've yet to meet gays who don't enjoy dick jokes) we are going to reap what we sow -- which is small numbers of people running for public office and even less numbers qualified to run for premier.

No Take Backs

VANCOUVER - The final count of ballots is now complete, and only one riding has changed hands in favour of the New Democratic Party since election night in British Columbia.After nearly three days of...

B.C. Conservatives 'Goofed'

The B.C. Conservative Party's campaign manager and its leader are at odds over the party's decision to ditch two candidates during the recent provincial election over controversial comments made on Tw...
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The Final Countdown

The last stage of B.C.'s 40th general election is underway with the start of the final vote count — and there is the potential for election night results to be overturned. Six ridings saw close races...

Time to Talk About Proportional Representation Again, B.C.

British Columbians, both voters and politicians, who care about democracy need to start talking about electoral reform again. A minority of voters elected a B.C. Liberal majority government. Here's one way Legislature can one day be reflective of the people you see on the streets of every city, town and village across the province.

‘Gutting,' ‘Heartbreaking'

Adrian Dix leans back in his chair wearing the weak smile of a defeated man. The past week has included some of the most difficult days of his life. The stunning electoral loss that the B.C. NDP Leade...

The NDP's Problem Is Bigger Than Adrian Dix

Over 35 years, the NDP has seen its share of the popular vote decline and its actual vote stall, despite an electorate that has nearly doubled in size over the same period. Parties that don't grow their base lose and risk withering away. The message for the NDP in all these numbers is ominous and it's not just about Adrian Dix. It may have more to do with the brand.

Defeated But Still Standing

VANCOUVER - British Columbia's NDP leader says he takes "full responsibility" for the party's devastating election loss, but Adrian Dix plans to continue to lead the Opposition, at least for now, as t...