Bc Election 2013


No Direction Home

HEDLEY, B.C. - Adrian Dix was inside the Hitching Post Restaurant drinking from a mug stamped with twin six-shooters while outside on the old mining town's main street, with dusk starting to cover the...

Ambitious Agenda

Premier Christy Clark said a number of her caucus members have offered to step aside so she can run in a by-election. And the Liberal Leader said it's possible she could seek a seat out
Dana Larsen

'He Is The Man To Carry On'

British Columbia NDP Leader Adrian Dix has kept a low profile since conceding victory to the Liberals two days ago in a surprise end to the provincial election, but some members of his party are suppo...

Record Female MLAs

British Columbia elected more women to its legislature on Tuesday than any other province in Canada, and that's before Premier-elect Christy Clark even runs in a byelection for her seat. Twenty-nine s...

Surprised The Liberals Won? It's The Chinese, Stupid!

Obviously, the face of B.C., quite literally, is changing. Immigrants account for 45 per cent of the population in Vancouver, 52 per cent in Surrey, 59 per cent in Burnaby and 70 per cent in Richmond. Immigrant populations are rising everywhere, even in the whitest regions of the province. And they aren't buying what the NDP is selling. Big government. Vast social programs. Union allegiance.

Adrian Dix's Election Grit Came Too Little Too Late

The complacency for most of the B.C. NDP campaign was stunning.Dix backed himself into a corner with this entire positive, nice-nice, err on the side of caution theme. When he did begin to fight back against the attacks, it was just too late. The NDP began to look extremely hypocritical.
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Political Legend Status Unlocked

British Columbians were asked to take a risk. In the end, they could not. B.C.'s Liberal party defied prognosticators and pundits Tuesday to win a fourth consecutive election, in an upset that will co...

'I'm Still The Leader'

In his first one-on-one interview since the BC NDP's crushing defeat in the provincial election, Adrian Dix said he's been keeping a low profile while reflecting on where thing

Will He Stay?

VANCOUVER - The surprising electoral loss of British Columbia's New Democrats this week should not trigger a leadership race, the party's president said Thursday as Leader Adrian Dix remained behind c...

Jumbo Worries For B.C. Film

The unexpected Liberal victory in Tuesday’s provincial election is good news for B.C.’s business community — but not every industry is celebrating. - More on the controversial Jumbo project The Jumb...

Not Going Anywhere

VANCOUVER - Jane Sterk says she plans to stay on as leader of British Columbia's Green party, working to support the first Green ever elected in the province while continuing to build the party from o...

Lessons Learned From the BC Election

I think both the NDP and the Greens owe it to the public to make a peace treaty and find a way to show everyone that we can work together for solutions that are good for people and the planet. This is an important lesson for us to learn before the upcoming federal election, while we still have time to find ways to work together. Big Oil won a battle this week but they haven't won the war.

B.C.'s Going Green

The Green Party has finally broken through at the provincial level and will form a presence in British Columbia's new government. Andrew Weaver won the riding of Oak Bay - Gordon Head with 3,489 votes...

Against All Odds

VANCOUVER - British Columbia's Liberals defied common wisdom and months of abysmal polling numbers to win a majority government Tuesday, a stunning turnaround for a party and a premier written off for...

Dreams Dashed

The man who would have been the Ronald Reagan of B.C. Conservatives, John Cummins thought only of what might have been. The 71-year-old looked out over a sparse crowd of supporters Tuesday night and c...

The Props Are Flowing In

VANCOUVER - Congratulations are flowing in for B.C. Premier Christy Clark and her newly elected Liberal party.Clark has led the B.C. Liberals to the party's fourth term in office, with an expanded maj...

Why The NDP Lost

They should have gone negative: that's the conclusion a number of pundits are coming to after the NDP's stunning loss in the 2013 B.C. election. The B.C. Liberals ran the most "right-wing, Republican-...

'So Spectacularly Wrong'

EDMONTON - Alberta Premier Alison Redford is welcoming her British Columbia counterpart to a club of politicians that likes to confound the experts.Redford is congratulating Christy Clark following th...


VANCOUVER - New Democrat leader Adrian Dix may have bitten the union hand that fed his election campaign and the ballot boxes, prompting the NDP to fail to clinch its once-surefire spot as the next go...

Post-Election Musical Chairs

VANCOUVER - After leading her BC Liberals to a stunning election win, only to lose her riding in the process, Premier Christy Clark is now faced with the task of finding a way into the provincial legi...
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'I Felt Too Lazy'

VANCOUVER - This week's provincial election in British Columbia was the first chance 18-year-old Merwa Almalike had to vote since she became eligible almost a year ago.But like so many people her age,...

Media Bites: Why the Hippie Radicals - er, NDP - Lost in BC

The Liberal Party of B.C. is not a brilliant outfit by any means. Much of its agenda is faddish and unscientific, and, if past performance is any indication, simply doesn't work. Yet it's also the party associated with business, capitalism, status, success, and wealth -- and now a four-term majority government to boot. What does make many squeamish, however, is the idea of a party run by hippies and radicals who dogmatically cling to the 20th century's most discredited economic theory simply for reasons of pride or denial. It comes off as a little pathetic.