Bc Election 2013


Pipeline plans?

CALGARY - Oil pipelines to the West Coast may have a better chance of being built with the Liberals hanging on to power in British Columbia than had the New Democrats won Tuesday's election.But a bett...

She Lost

Even as her party was projected to win a majority government, BC Liberal Leader Christy Clark was fighting a tooth-and-nail battle in her own riding of Vancouver-Point Grey. In the end, Clark was a tr...

She's Optimistic

VANCOUVER - Polls are closed across British Columbia in an election that could see the governing Liberals tossed from office after 12 years in power.Almost an hour after polls closed, the Liberals wer...

B.C. Lags On Voter Turnout

Advance polls have jump as high as 25% for this election, but as 24 hours reported Monday that doesn't mean voter turnout will be high. Despite larger advance poll numbers in recent elections actual t...

The Kids Are Not Alright

Proclamations and election mania aside, families may have to hold their breath long after the party hats are put away, the platforms are dusted off, and campaign offensives are silenced into temporary stalemate before any genuine childcare programs are implemented.

5 Reasons B.C. Millennials Should Vote Today

Did you know that political strategists are counting on you not to vote? Senior BC Liberal strategists say this to reassure their nervous supporters: "Our base leans to older voters, whereas the NDP base leans to the 18-34 age group (older voters vote)." Now technically, there's nothing untrue about that statement. But whether you're voting Liberal, NDP, Green or Conservative, merely casting your ballot is putting your thumb in the eye of decrepit politicos who have already dismissed you.

Should B.C. Change Its Voting System?

University researchers have launched a study to determine if an alternative voting system would have an impact on the results of Tuesday's provincial election. B.C. currently employs the first past th...