Bc Election 2013


Clark's Not Kidding Around

VANCOUVER - Preschoolers, pipelines, professional skills training and pixie all came up as the provincial election campaign entered its last full week on Sunday.Premier Christy Clark spent part of the...

B.C.'s 'One Term Wonders'

Reading over the latest update from Elections B.C., I was struck by the reminder that the province is headed for the "40th general election" in the 142 years since Confederation. But the really dramat...

Livin' On A Prayer

B.C.'s latest election poll shows Christy Clark is fast catching up to Adrian Dix. The B.C. Liberals are polling at 34 per cent on overall voting intention, compared to the NDP's 41 per cent, still no...

Who REALLY Drives B.C.'s Economy?

Every political party wants you to believe they are the best suited to run B.C.'s economy. But how much influence can a provincial government have? CBC’s Reality Check team reached back in time to fin...

'Not Christopher Clark'

VANCOUVER - There have been five elections in the Vancouver-area riding of Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows since the district was created in 1991 and more than two dozen candidates — but only one of them, a...

Dix Calls For 'More Generous' Politics

NDP Leader Adrian Dix turned up for an all-candidates debate in his own Vancouver-Kingsway riding Thursday night. Dix joined Liberal candidate Gurjit Dhillon and Green candidate Gregory Esau in field...

NDP Promises Hospital Upgrades

An ice cream stop and a winery tour were part of NDP leader Adrian Dix's campaign trip through the Okanagan on Friday as he followed Premier Christy Clark's footsteps through the region in an attempt...

B.C. Election 2013: What The Parties Plan To Tell You

The B.C. Freedom of Information and Privacy Association, sent all four parties a questionnaire pushing them for clear positions on how they would stop the erosion of our privacy rights and defend our access to government records through Freedom of Information. On April 30th, we received responses from the NDP, the Liberals, and the Greens (we've yet to hear back from the Conservatives). They all had interesting, if decidedly different things to say.
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Media Bites: Is B.C.'s Election a Race to Get Disqualified?

To date, three (perhaps soon four) candidates in the B.C. provincial election have been fired by their respective party bosses for the unconscionable sin of expressing inelegant, offensive, or politically incorrect opinions at some point in their lives. While the statements are undeniably crass and clumsy, is this really the sort of stuff a mature democracy disqualifies candidates over?

Dix's Raw Deal

VANCOUVER - New Democrat Leader Adrian Dix plans to reduce British Columbia's log exports, operating on the campaign slogan "B.C. logs for B.C. jobs."But the promise to reduce log exports has been mad...

Dix Slams Libs Over Mining Backlogs

Mining and oil and gas developers intent on advancing projects in northern B.C are facing lengthy backlogs in obtaining work permit approval, causing delays that are stifling growth in the economy, sa...

John Cummins Pro-Pot Reform?

B.C. Conservative Party leader John Cummins spoke out in support of marijuana decriminalization Tuesday, but won't yet commit his party to change provincial policy on the is

Shady Attack Website Investigated

James Crosty, an independent candidate in New Westminster, received a nasty surprise over the weekend when he learned, via a Google alert, of a website established in his name. The site is one page,...
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B.C. Carbon Tax Here To Stay

VANCOUVER - As pundits and pollsters attempt to predict the results of British Columbia's forthcoming election, there is at least one sure bet: the province's carbon tax will survive the May 14 vote.I...

Did Adrian Dix Win TV Debate?

More than half the people who took CBC's Vote Compass right after the leaders' debate say NDP Leader Adrian Dix won outright, while less than a third give the nod to Liberal Leader Christy Clark. The...

Where Dix's Deficit Math Comes From

VANCOUVER - New Democrat Leader Adrian Dix has repeatedly said the Liberal party's deficit numbers are askew.The latest criticism came during a televised leaders' debate when Dix claimed the Dominion...

B.C.'s Swingin' Ridings

VANCOUVER - Political junkies and campaign strategists across British Columbia are paying close attention to more than a handful of electoral districts that could "swing" between the parties and even...

Adrian Dix: The Unpredictable Premier?

Voters want to know where their potential leaders stand before they have to walk into a polling station and put a tick next to a party's name. While it's impossible for anyone to fully anticipate and articulate every possible challenge and scenario ahead of a four-year term in office, taxpayers want a predictable pattern set out. Political leaders should be able to change their mind as circumstances change, but nothing had changed about asset sales or Kinder Morgan.
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What B.C. Mayors Think Of Dix

PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. - NDP Leader Adrian Dix may not get a warm reception when he speaks to the B.C. Mayor's Caucus in Prince George, B.C., later today.One of the 10 caucus members, Surrey Mayor Dianne...
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No Candidates Live In This Riding

KAMLOOPS, B.C. - It's totally within provincial election rules, but it's still a rare situation in the riding of Kamloops-North Thompson because none of the four candidates actually live in the riding...