Bc Election 2013


Those Robocalls Have To Stop

The B.C. Conservative Party has been ordered to stop election day robocalling by Elections B.C. Spokesperson Don Main says the calls went out the morning of May 14, which is a violation of the Electi...

Dix, Dylan, Destiny

VICTORIA - Adrian Dix says he was driving home one night from a political meeting in Campbell River on Vancouver Island when he experienced what he calls a therapeutic and completely spontaneous momen...

Tories Ordered To Halt Robocalls

The BC Conservatives have been told to halt robocalls that have been made in violation of election advertising rules, after Langley residents complained. Telephone calls encouraging voters to cast a b...

Why Filipinos Should Vote NDP

It's been exasperating to see the BC Liberals try to court the Filipino vote through superficial events designed to be nothing but photo-ops and not engage the community by talking about specific issues. They don't seem to be concerned with providing anything substantive because they don't seem to have anything in their platform they can point to as evidence of being engaged with the community.

The NDP's Real Agenda?

The New Democratic Party's governing council, two-and-a-half years ago, considered proposals such as cutting funding to independent schools, and eliminating tuition fees at the B.C. universities and c...

Four Shades Of Victory

B.C.'s four party leaders all fearlessly predicted victories of a sort on Mother's Day, with the provincial election just two days away. For B.C. Liberal leader Christy Clark and B.C. NDP leader Adria...

Today's The Day

VANCOUVER - Voters in British Columbia go to the polls today in what was the provincial New Democrats' election to lose.It was the Liberals' to survive — early polls suggested the best they could hope...

Polls Don't Settle NDP Jitters

If the polls are right, the NDP is headed for a comfortable victory Tuesday. Of course, that's what they said in Alberta last year about the Wildrose party. The last polls in Alberta put Wildrose ahea...

Green Candidate Makes Surprise Splash

The B.C. riding of Oak Bay-Gordon Head is old, rich and its well-groomed, winding streets are no stranger to lines of gas-guzzling trucks, SUVs and luxury cars. "This would be a very conservative ridi...