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Numbers Behind B.C.'s LNG 'Boom'

The B.C. Liberals claim future liquefied natural gas sales will help pay off the province’s debt. The CBC News Reality Check team wades through the spin to figure out whether the plan is hype or hope....

NDP Would Kill LNG: B.C. Liberals

VANCOUVER - An NDP candidate's comments and Liberal attempts to use them to suggest an Adrian Dix government would scupper the province's sprint toward LNG riches are being noted by industry, but obse...
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The Wild West Of B.C. Politics

British Columbia is the wild west when it comes to political donation rules, with some of the least-restrictive laws in Canada. A showdown is brewing about changing these rules, but B.C.'s two main po...
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B.C. Election: By The Numbers

B.C. Liberal Leader Christy Clark has been attacking her opponent NDP Leader Adrian Dix by calling him the $3-billion-man because that's what she claims his campaign promises will cost. "Beside you i...

Whoever Wins Kamloops, Wins Election

Whoever wins Kamloops, wins the election.This old adage of B.C. politics has been the case since 1903, and Ray Pillar can't begin to understand for certain why. But the retired political science profe...

B.C. Liberals Gaining Ground

The latest Angus Reid poll shows the B.C. Liberals are slowly gaining support, but the NDP are still leading by a comfortable margin of 14 percentage points after the first week of the election campai...

Clark, Dix Call Each Other Flip Floppers

VANCOUVER - Money and oil.Among the shades of grey that separate the two main political parties vying to form government in British Columbia with so little economic room to move, these two issues emer...

Cummins Responds After Third Tory Dumped

VANCOUVER - B.C. Conservative Leader John Cummins said his party has done the best it could with the resources available to vet candidates after being forced to drop three candidates in the first week...

Do You Want Your Taxes Higher, Or Higher Still?

British Columbia is officially in election mode and the parties are rolling out their campaign promises. When it comes to the tax promises of the two mainstream parties, British Columbians are confronted with a choice, as it were, between higher taxes or even higher taxes. So go ahead and pick your poison.

Will Dix Scare Away Investors?

NDP leader Adrian Dix says he opposes Vancouver becoming a major oil shipping hub because it would not be the right approach for the port or the economy. That position amounts to an effective veto of...

Desperately Seeking Diverse Votes

VANCOUVER - New Democrat Leader Adrian Dix spent Thursday making the rounds of several Chinese-language radio stations in Metro Vancouver.Last weekend, Liberal Leader Christy Clark and Dix both appear...

Liveable Income Guarantee Promised

The B.C. Green Party is pledging to introduce a "guaranteed livable income" aimed at eliminating poverty if elected in May. “We can eliminate poverty, but the only way we can do that is through a gua...

'Older People Do Not Trust Christy Clark'

VANCOUVER - Daniel Bruce feels it — a trend being bucked, common wisdom being abandoned, past patterns being rejected.Bruce, who lives in the affluent Kitsilano neighbourhood that's part of Liberal Le...

Gloves Off In B.C. Election Campaign

VICTORIA - Premier Christy Clark has the most to gain and lose as the first of two election debates hit the airwaves Friday, say political experts.They agree her previous career experience as a radio...
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How I Was Fired By The BC Conservatives

When I was approached by the BC Conservative Party earlier this year to run as MLA, one of the pre-conditions was that there would be an agreement that I would not suffer the same fate as Ray Lam of the NDP during the 2009 election. I gave party officials full access to my social media accounts and I told them I would scrub nothing. I think voters should get to know the person they elect. We had an agreement. They knew what they were getting, and we were good to go.