Media Bites: Why the Hippie Radicals - er, NDP - Lost in BC

The Liberal Party of B.C. is not a brilliant outfit by any means. Much of its agenda is faddish and unscientific, and, if past performance is any indication, simply doesn't work. Yet it's also the party associated with business, capitalism, status, success, and wealth -- and now a four-term majority government to boot. What does make many squeamish, however, is the idea of a party run by hippies and radicals who dogmatically cling to the 20th century's most discredited economic theory simply for reasons of pride or denial. It comes off as a little pathetic.

'We Should Feel Free To Not Vote As Well'

Heather Mitchell can't imagine not voting and worries about insulting the rest of the people in the province if she decides, as nearly most did in 2009, to stay silent on Election Day. "It would feel...

Liberals Closing In On NDP: Poll

The B.C. Liberals have further narrowed the gap and now trail the NDP by six points, according to an Ipsos Reid poll. The poll of 800 adult British Columbians, taken Wednesday and Thursday, indicates...
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NDP In Lead By How Much?

Two polls show the B.C. NDP would win an election if it was held today, but the results suggest different kinds of leads for the party ahead of the B.C. Liberals. The Opposition NDP have increased the...