Bc Liberal Attack Ad

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Let's Talk About The Social Deficit Created By BC Liberals

I am tired of hearing about people dying every single day from overdoses while we still don't have a solid long term plan-a year after declaring a state of emergency. I'm tired of watching friends and family struggle more and more every year while costs of living skyrocket and wages remain stagnate. I am tired of fundraising endlessly to cover basic supplies at my sons school and watching other schools go without because they cant fundraise enough.

Turning Negative

The B.C. NDP has officially taken a right turn off the high road and begun attacking the B.C. Liberals for their record in office. The party launched a province-wide attack ad on radio Wednesday askin...

Dix Angered By Latest Liberal Attack

VANCOUVER - Saying there's no "expiry date on ethical behaviour," B.C. Premier Christy Clark has resurrected a sore spot in her NDP rival's political career as the Liberals unveiled another attack ad...