Bernard Drainville


PQ Leadership Hopeful Endorses Peladeau

QUEBEC - The front-running Pierre Karl Peladeau moved even closer Wednesday to becoming Parti Quebecois leader when one of his biggest rivals pulled out of the race and lined up squarely behind the bu...

PKP For PQ Leader?

MONTREAL - Now that Pauline Marois has tendered her resignation as Parti Quebecois leader, the question within the battered sovereigntist party is who will be the right person to rebuild it.It won't b...
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Why the Future of the PQ Lies With Quebec City

Marois seemed panicky in attacking Couillard Tuesday at a press conference in Verdun, and in a seemingly desperate attempt, brought up Arthur Porter and Couillard's apparent close connection. The PQ is apparently planning on phasing Marois out of their election strategy, by replacing her with the more popular Bernard Drainville and his baby; la charte.

I'm an Atheist Who Hates Quebec's Secularism

I'm an atheist and a feminist, who is, in theory, 100 per cent in agreement with separation of church and state, yet dislikes everything about this Charter. To many, this appears to be contradictory. How, you ask, can an atheist not be in favour of secularism? How, you ask, can a feminist, not be in favour of women's liberation and freedom; the right not to wear a restrictive piece of patriarchy-imposed clothing like the hijab? For the simple reason that the Charter of Quebec Values has absolutely nothing to do with those two issues.

PQ Not Ready To Water Down Charter

QUEBEC - The Parti Quebecois government appears to be digging in its heels for an extended debate on its controversial religion plan, having brushed off invitations for a speedy compromise.Statements...

Parti Quebecois On The Brink

QUEBEC - A prominent member of the Parti Quebecois says it is staring into the political abyss.Bernard Drainville believes the party urgently needs to review its strategy on sovereignty in the wake of...