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Adel Regrets Nothing

Wallah, bro. "Big Brother Canada" houseguest Adel Elseri is joining the jury after being evicted in 2-0 vote. Adel joins Arlie, Allison, Rachelle, and Canada on the jury with just two spots left to fi...

The Gremlins Are No More

The Gremlins alliance went from two to one on "Big Brother Canada" as Rachelle Diamond was evicted in a 3-0 vote and sent to the jury house to join Arlie and Allison. "I saw it coming. They told me t...

So Long, Shirtless Wonder

Kyle was an instant target on Season 2 of "Big Brother Canada." It's one thing to be a gigantic, muscled guy, but quite another to flaunt it so blatantly. Kyle's shirt was practically off within minut...
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'Big Brother Canada': Does It Fit With The Franchise?

We're so nice, aren't we? At least, that's how the stereotype goes. Canadians work extra hard to be kind to others and we always say "sorry," even if it's not our fault. So how well does a devious, underhanded show like Big Brother fare in Canada? Can Big Brother Canada match the underhandedness and devious behaviour we've witnessed on the U.S. version?