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'Big Brother Canada' Week 4 Recap: After a Double Eviction, Now What?

Like the majestic oceans around the world, there is an ebb and flow that occurs in a typical season of Big Brother. Each season, it usually doesn't take long for the house to split into two separate factions with a few stragglers floating along in the middle. However, this first season of Big Brother Canada is one of the rare instances where things broke a bit differently.

'Big Brother Canada' Week 3 Recap: Shift Happens

Three weeks into an exceptional maiden season, the powers that be behind Big Brother Canada decided to fix something that wasn't broken. Instead of a normal live eviction, Big Brother introduced a "Power Shift" to the audience, which allowed Canada to vote to take somebody off the block.
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'Big Brother Canada': Does It Fit With The Franchise?

We're so nice, aren't we? At least, that's how the stereotype goes. Canadians work extra hard to be kind to others and we always say "sorry," even if it's not our fault. So how well does a devious, underhanded show like Big Brother fare in Canada? Can Big Brother Canada match the underhandedness and devious behaviour we've witnessed on the U.S. version?