Blackberry Waterloo


How Blackberry Can Bounce Back

Blackberry, formerly Research in Motion, is a Canadian-based company that was once the darling of innovation and technology. The backbone of the blackberry market share has always been business people. Its security features are the best in the business. Blackberry has the seal of approval from the USA's Defense Department. PIN messaging is magic and still unrivalled. The strong tradition of Canadian ingenuity which Research In Motion once harvested can be sowed anew. Blackberry may be down, but with 72 million remaining subscribers in 175 countries and the right direction at the top, the brand will rise again.

Waterloo Mayor Looks On The Bright Side

News of massive layoffs at BlackBerry (TSX:BB) was met Friday with cautious confidence in the company's hometown that the tech sector hub will be able to weather the job losses.The company hasn't said...