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Why Stephen Harper Can't Destroy the Liberal Party

The Liberals have been defeated badly before and have been able to come back. Defeats are serious, but we should never make the mistake of thinking them permanent. We owe each other; we owe generations to come, a re-commitment to the enduring strength of the liberal idea. We are fighting for prosperity for all Canadians -- social justice for all -- and a sustainable society and economy for all Canadians. The values and approach of the Liberal party matter to too many Canadians for us to ever think of abdicating the important role we all will share in shaping the Canada of tomorrow.

WATCH: Toasts, Roasts For Bob Rae

OTTAWA - As federal MPs prepare to go back to their ridings for two weeks, interim Liberal leader Bob Rae is packing up his office.Wednesday marked Rae's final meeting with the Liberal caucus as the p...

Will Rae Run Again?

OTTAWA - Bob Rae is looking forward to resuming life as a "regular" MP once his two-year stint as interim Liberal leader is done, but he's undecided whether to seek re-election in 2015.In a year-end i...
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Bob Rae's the Only Good (and Experienced) Apple In the Bunch

When he took the interim job, Bob Rae pledged that he wouldn't run. So who's likely to be chosen liberal leader? It's a sorry field when Justin Trudeau seems the choice of many -- a callow fellow who many claim has charisma -- as if that's a substitute for wisdom and judgment. In fact, looking over the field of Liberal hopefuls, the only one with apparent substance of leadership is... Bob Rae.

Could Rae Be The Liberal Leader In 2013?

OTTAWA - The race for the federal Liberal leadership effectively begins next week and Bob Rae seems poised to be first out of the blocks.Rae said Wednesday he'll decide by the end of this month whethe...