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Rae Compares Harper To Eastwood

MONTEBELLO, Que. - Interim federal Liberal leader Bob Rae exhorted his party to turn its eyes westward Wednesday even as the country was consumed with navel gazing over the never-ending Quebec soverei...

If Justin Trudeau Likes The Oil Sands, Why Can't You?

Once we acknowledge that virtually all of us agree that the oil sands are vital to Canada, we recognize the absurdity of claims that this is in any way a nationally divisive issue. Even Justin Trudeau, the man poised to be the next Liberal leader, knows that developing the oil sands is the only choice for Canadians.

Rae to Maher on Seal Hunt: Blubber, Blubber, Blunder

Bill Maher wrote to interim Liberal leader Bob Rae expecting the Liberals to do better than the Conservatives in their blind support of Canada's commercial seal hunt. Sadly, the response was typical of what's usually seen from politicians: excuses and sad attempts to deflect from the issues at hand.

Bob Rae Praises Oilsands

FORT MCMURRAY, Alta. - Alberta's oilsands are a tremendous benefit to Canada, but they need strong regulation from the federal and provincial governments, says federal interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae.R...

Why I Should Lead the Liberal Party of Canada

My vision for Canada's future is one that appeals to our higher aspirations and hopes for the future, rather than to our fears, distrust, and resentment. In running for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada, I want to appeal to all those Canadians who are uncertain where they fit into Canadian politics, but want to talk about the kind of nation we are building, and what it is that makes us Canadian.

Watching the Watchdog: Maclean's Misses the Mark

You'd have thought Maclean's would have blazoned the death of Section 13 all over its front cover. With a massive headline along the lines of "SCREW YOU, CENSORS!!!" Or "WE WON!!!" Instead, the cover featured a generic picture of an innocuous youngish woman and an innocuous youngish man grinning maniacally and the silly headline: "The majority of us are singles. So why do we still live in a couples world?"
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Bob Rae's the Only Good (and Experienced) Apple In the Bunch

When he took the interim job, Bob Rae pledged that he wouldn't run. So who's likely to be chosen liberal leader? It's a sorry field when Justin Trudeau seems the choice of many -- a callow fellow who many claim has charisma -- as if that's a substitute for wisdom and judgment. In fact, looking over the field of Liberal hopefuls, the only one with apparent substance of leadership is... Bob Rae.

Will The Female Bob Rae Please Stand Up?

Bob Rae's decision not to seek the position of permanent leader of the Liberal Party was a dignified one. But now the way forward for the Liberal Party is to rebuild in the best possible way. It's time to end the old boys' club mentality. Liberals are given an opportunity to show this to Canada by breaking down barriers for women in politics.

It's A Date For The Liberal Leadership

The Liberal Party leadership vote will be held in April 2013, the party president says, with the precise date to be confirmed over the summer. Mike Crawley's announcement, which was made on the Liber...

Bob Rae: A Class Act Bows Out Gracefully

In what must have been a very difficult decision, interim Liberal leader Bob Rae has decided not to throw his hat into the ring as the party approaches its 2013 leadership convention. His decision not to seek the leadership of the Liberal Party has increased the chances that the party will be able to reinvent itself and focus on what counts: A classy move by a classy guy.

(Liberal) Party's Over For Bob

It doesn't come as a complete surprise that Bob Rae has decided not to run for the Liberal Party leadership. Every politician has his "best before date" and Rae must have realized that his best years and his best opportunity to lead the Liberal Party back to government have come and gone. Rae's stepping aside will leave open the opportunity for generational change in the party.

It's Not a (Liberal) Party Without Bob

Last week I dropped in to see Bob Rae at his Parliament Hill office. We were alone, and he was in a very reflective mood. I left with the sense that he had made up his mind not to seek the permanent leadership of the Liberal Party. After hearing the news, while I have great respect for his decision, I am disappointed.

Merge Or Die?

The race for the Liberal leadership might kick off as early as next month, with the final vote held a little less than a year from now. But with more than half of the electorate giving up on the Grits...
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Rae vs. Trudeau?

UPDATE: Bob Rae will not be running for the Liberal leadership. OTTAWA - Bob Rae has waited a long time for his shot at redemption.For the last year, he has almost single-handedly kept the Liberals fr...

Disposable News: Bob Rae and Plastic Bags

Gossip about the political future of acting Liberal boss Bob Rae seems to appeal to precisely two sorts of people: the gossips themselves -- who were in full force this weekend -- and Bob Rae. Meanwhile, Toronto City Council's Wednesday night decision to ban plastic bags from Hogtown supermarkets will provoke some manner of "national discussion" on the issue.

Why Liberals Need Bob Rae

Another week, another "will he or won't he" media look at Bob Rae and the Liberal Party. It has yet to sink in to for some Liberals that the leadership is a poisoned chalice and the "brand" is profoundly damaged and must be substantively redefined.

Could Rae Be The Liberal Leader In 2013?

OTTAWA - The race for the federal Liberal leadership effectively begins next week and Bob Rae seems poised to be first out of the blocks.Rae said Wednesday he'll decide by the end of this month whethe...

Is There a Giant Slayer Among the Liberal Leadership Candidates?

As we approach the month of June, the Liberal party will soon be making a decision on when to hold their next leadership convention. With roughly a month to go, there doesn't seem to be much interest from the public in what they do or, for that matter, what they decide. Clearly at this point in time the NDP offers voters the biggest contrast with the governing Conservatives; the Liberals still don't seem to fit in anywhere.