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The Honeymoon's Over

HALIFAX - Interim Liberal leader Bob Rae acknowledges that many voters are in an NDP swoon following the selection of Tom Mulcair as leader, but he is urging Liberal supporters to ignore polls and con...

Sunday Roundup: A Week for Redemption and Rebirth

I am writing this while gazing out upon a farmer's field that has just had 1,500 baby red pines planted upon it. You have to squint to notice that the rows of little green tufts are anything other than early weeds taking advantage of the spring sun. I think the tiny trees, however, are a fitting symbol for our mutual Christian and Jewish holidays, celebrating -- indeed embodying -- the renewal of God's earth and spiritual rebirth. Meanwhile, a resurrection of another kind was taking place in Ottawa -- Trudeaumania 2.0. With Justin Trudeau's definitive smackdown of Senator Patrick Brazeau in last Saturday's charity boxing match, it was as if the national media decided to read a lot into Trudeau's third-round win. As in: Were they thinking now that the young Trudeau -- and the Liberal party -- might rise on the third day also?

Liberals Experience the Soft Tyranny of High Expectations

People who live 4,500k from the Toronto-Danforth riding read in the Vancouver Sun just last month that the Liberals were in a position to win; they'll now be reading about a "lacklustre, no name, uninspiring dud" candidate who blew the Liberals right out of the water. Imagine what that does for confidence in the Liberal brand.

Rae Fights Back Against Tory Attack Ad

Bob Rae was as much responsible for freeing Nelson Mandela and the end of the Soviet Union as for what happened to Ontario's economy when he was premier, the interim Liberal leader said Monday in resp...
Althia Raj

St-Denis is No Saint

Interim Liberal leader Bob Rae implies Lise St-Denis switch to the Liberals is an act of principle and conviction. Phooey. If anything, it seems an act of opportunism because the NDP is going nowhere in Quebec. Anyone who thinks the NDP won't lose seats in Quebec in the next federal election is smoking something that is illegal.

RCMP Spied On Bob Rae

OTTAWA - The RCMP spied on Bob Rae during his student activist days and likely amassed a personal dossier on the future Liberal leader, newly declassified documents reveal.Mountie security agents, war...

WATCH: Bob Rae Vows To Attack Harper

Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae was in a fighting mood Wednesday, vowing to defend himself against attacks by the Conservatives and encouraging his MPs to be proud of their party's record. In an energe...

Liberals' Message to Bloggers: Get Lost

The Liberal Party is choosing to financially disadvantage the little guy in favour of big corporations that own media outlets by charging them to attend the Liberal convention in 2012. The decision demonstrates a lack of recognition of the impact bloggers have on social media and by extension, public opinion.

Coming Out of the Closet as a Liberal

There are obvious potential caveats to the open primary system, but right now, with a party backed up against a wall with no place else to go, there aren't really a multitude of options. I applaud Mr. Rae for having the bold initiative to think outside the proverbial box.