Bob Rae


Another Way To Support The Unemployed?

OTTAWA - Bob Rae is questioning whether payroll taxes are the best way to financially support out-of-work Canadians.The interim Liberal leader said Wednesday that forcing employees and employers to pa...

There Are High Flyers Who Deserve Military Jet Planes

We are a nation that flies economy, drinks Tim Hortons and wears khaki and plaid. But Gen. Walter Natynczyk's situation is, and should be, different. He needs to be a walking paradox -- a warrior and a diplomat, a genius with a common touch, a workaholic who never seems tired.

An NDP-Liberal Merger Isn't on

There have been some suggestions that the Liberals and NDP could cooperate in Question Period and this is a valid point. A united strategy could offer them the opportunity to hold the government to account. But any NDP leadership candidate proposing a merger will find out how quickly they lose support.

Rae To Tories: 'Bring It On'

OTTAWA - Bob Rae won't let his controversial record as Ontario premier stop him from lambasting the Harper government's management of Canada's flagging economy.The interim Liberal leader said Wednesda...

Layton's Funeral Details Released

The body of NDP Leader Jack Layton will lie in state in Ottawa and Toronto before his state funeral Saturday. The lying-in-state will be at the House of Commons foyer in Ottawa and will be open to the...

Once a Separatist, Always a Separatist?

Minister of Transport Denis Lebel's Bloc Québécois story differs from that of Nycole Turmel's. He walked away from the separatist gang more than a decade ago, not months ago. And, of course, the biggest difference between them is that he's not the leader of the party.

NDP and Liberals Embark on a Phoney War

Bob Rae, a known quantity, versus the NDP's NycoleTurmel, an unknown quantity, should still give him the edge. Even if the media and the other parties allow her a short honeymoon period, the knives will be out soon enough and combat joined in the near future.

No Vacancy in Somalia

The Dadaab refugee camp is an ongoing saga of desperate human need. And with the $50 million Canada recently pledged being only a beginning to address the needs of the region, we must find other ways to leverage more support. Opening another camp would be a good place to start.

Stephen Harper Arrogant? Not Yet

In the end, Stephen Harper's short talk in Calgary was nothing more than a political speech with a bit of humour thrown into the mix. I wonder if the same folks attacking Harper's comments would consider Jack Layton's other comments as arrogant?

Rae's The Man 'Til 2013

THE CANADIAN PRESS -- VANCOUVER - Shattered Liberals will wait up to two years to choose a new leader, hoping the delay will give them a fighting chance against rival parties bent on wiping them off C...

Hold Page One for the Suits in Foggy Bottom!

You can bet your bottom Loonie that the biting, elegant prose of the WikiLeaks cable on the Liberal Party has exposed the weakness in political thinking at the very centre of the party under Ignatieff. They also show how astute American officials can be in assessing the political tea leaves.