Brad Wall


Good For His Government's Pocketbook

SASKATOON - Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says a proposed pipeline that would move oil from Western Canada to the East Coast would bring many benefits to his province.TransCanada Corp. has announced...

Premier's Senate Pitch Flops

NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE, Ont. - The efforts of Saskatchewan's premier to get his provincial and territorial counterparts to support his call for Senate abolition fell flat Friday at a premier's summit, de...

Look Who's Calling the Kettle Black

I recently read that the Premier of Saskatchewan, Mr. Brad Wall, is supporting the call for the abolishment of the Senate in light of the expense scandals. He says that the Senate "hasn't the credibility that it should have." I have to admit that I find these statements quite ironic coming from Premier Wall.
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Sask. Party Votes to Abolish Senate

The Saskatchewan Party is now in favour of abolishing the Senate. This morning the Saskatchewan Party announced the results of the party referendum on the Senate, 86% of the governing party's members having voted to change the party's position on the Senate from reform to abolition.
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How B.C. Pays So Quebec Can Play

in Canada's Equalization program, "have" provinces such as British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan send billions of dollars to Ottawa that are in turn handed to chronic overspending "have-nots" like Quebec. It creates a system where the reward for prudent fiscal management is bailing out those who couldn't care less. In other words, we in B.C. pay so they can play.

Wall Headed To Secretive Meeting

REGINA - Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is heading to a high-powered meeting of world government and business leaders that is known for its tight secrecy.Wall is to attend the Bilderberg conference st...

Scrap Senate Law: Saskatchewan NDP

REGINA - The Saskatchewan NDP says it wants the province to scrap legislation that would allow for the election of senators.NDP Leader Cam Broten says he'll introduce a bill this fall aimed at repeali...

Abolish The Senate: Brad Wall

SASKATOON - Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall, once a staunch supporter of a reformed federal Senate, has given up the fight.Wall says he now believes it would be easier to scrap Parliament's chamber of...

The Divisions Within Sask. NDP

On March 9, 2013, the provincial NDP crown once again eluded Ryan Meili, a family physician from Saskatoon, losing to the Member of the Legislative Assembly for Saskatoon Massey Place, Cam Broten, by a slim margin of 44 votes.

Wall Says Tightened Budget Key

REGINA - Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says a tightened budget will be a big part of the spring sitting of the legislature which starts Monday.Wall says the government needs to keep overall spending...

Premier: Saskatchewan Boom Not Over

REGINA - Premier Brad Wall says Saskatchewan's economy is still doing well, even while he talks about fiscal restraint in the upcoming budget.That's because Wall says the economy and the budget are no...

What Does Brad Wall Want Obama To Do?

REGINA - Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is hoping the U.S. government will approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline now that the presidential election is over.Wall said the pipeline could carry oil from t...

Saskatchewan Adds 3 Private Liquor Stores

REGINA - Saskatchewan is adding three private liquor stores to its retail mix, but the Opposition says independently owned outlets will only skim money from the taxpayer's tab.Donna Harpauer, the mini...

Brad Wall: Take Our Energy, Please

SASKATOON - Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall has made a blunt appeal to the United States to buy Canadian energy which he says is as clean as that from many American sources.Wall delivered the keynote a...